Tuesday, September 11, 2012

July-8 The Offen's Last Day in Utah

While spending an afternoon with her other cousin's Tori bought a Hermiony (from Harry Potter) hat and scarf and then brought a matching set back to Ella! We know what Ella is going to be for Halloween now!
On the Offen's last day we drove up the the Living Aquarium. 
I love this picture of Jack and Ella!
All of the kids! They grow up so fast! I met Zach when he was younger then Jack!

Jack was WAY too afraid to put his hand in the water, Ella on the other hand LOVED being able to touch the sting rays!

Getting to touch other cool sea creatures. 
I feel like Lilly looks like Ariel from the little mermaid! 
Lilly loved the Jellyfish and just crawling around.
Of course Tori was there to follow her around and make sure she didn't get into any trouble.
Waiting for the penguin show!
I love how protective Jack is of his little sister. We talk about what it means to be a gentleman.  
Uhhhh...... the flash allows you to see all of the gross fingerprints on the glass!! Good to know... don't let kids touch the glass!!
Jack loved trying on all of the silly masks!
The otter mask looked so familiar. That's because he's tried it on before! Check it out HERE!
After we went to the mall for a little bit. Jack always talks about going for a ride on the little train that goes around the mall. It's kind of expensive and I almost always say no. When he asked this time and I again said no, he just smiled and said, Ok Mom. He then sat and watched it go by a couple of times, I'm sure wishing with all of his heart he could have a ride too. It was so sweet. Sometimes you have to reward good behavior! He loved every second and never stopped smiling!

For the Offen's last night we all went out to Los Hermano's. One of our favorites.
It looks like Ella's wearing a weird black dress. It's a men's size tee shirt. If you wear one, you get a free smoothie! 
And then we surprised Tori by celebrating her birthday a couple of days early with all of the wait staff singing happy birthday to her! Happy Birthday Tori!!
It was so much fun having the Offen's with us for two whole weeks! We never have any of Ryan's family come and visit! We hope you guys had fun and that we get to see you guys again soon! Thanksgiving maybe??

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