Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day

THIS is MY DAD! I love my Dad so much!
He's so handsome, smart, funny, giving! He's the kind of Dad who would do anything for his family. I'm so glad that I've always had an excellent relationship with my Dad. I know that I could go to him for anything and he would always be there! I KNOW that he loves me and is always looking out for what's best for me. I'm his favorite. I'm so lucky that he's my Dad! I love you Dad! Happy Fathers Day!

THIS is my Father in law RICK!
He's such a wonderful father in law. I couldn't have asked for a better father in law and Grandpa for our kids! He's always there for us. Always willing to go the extra mile. I'm so grateful for him! Happy Fathers Day!

And of course there is Ryan, the father of my children. I'm so grateful for him. He works so hard for us! I know that he loves us so much.

He is an excellent father. The children KNOW that he loves them and they love him too. Every night the kids can't wait for Daddy to get home. Whenever they hear the front door open then go running for him. He would do anything for his babies.

Happy Fathers Day!

My Baby Girl is 6 Years Old

Today is Ella's 6th Birthday!
Ella Elizabeth Bailey was born on
June 21 2003 at 9:09am.
Weighing in at 7 pounds 9 oz and 21 1/2 inches long

Every year, I look back. She was the one who made all of my dreams come true, she made me a mother. I didn't know what to think about having a baby. I had been around children my entire life. (I am the oldest of 10 children!) and I liked babies, but I didn't know how different it would be having my own. The second Ella was born I knew that it was different, very different. She was my special baby girl. She was MINE. I feel like there was my life before I had her and then there is LIFE with her. My life truly started when she was born. She IS why I'm here. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be her mother. She is a joy!
Now she is 6 years old. Where did time go. Before I know it, she'll be 16. (It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!) She is so sweet, smart, talented, beautiful, everything you could ever want in a little girl! I love her and appreciate her more and more each day.
Happy Birthday Ella!

8 Years

Tuesday June 16th marked the 8th anniversary of Ryan and I meeting each other.
Yep, I'm one of "those" girls who remembers every anniversary.

I wish that I had our old pictures on the computer. I need a scanner.
So much has changed in the past 8 years. Man, that's a long time. We are old.
We aren't the young, crazy kids that we once were.
It's actually a funny story, how we met. I'll give you the short version. (or try to)

When I was 18 years old I moved to Utah- without knowing a single person. I took the first job that I found- being a hostess at a Mexican restaurant right behind my apartment complex. Which was a must since I didn't have a car and had to walk everywhere.
I had been in Utah for almost exactly one month.
One evening at work I was getting ready to close up, took off the name tag, grabbed my purse, when I see these two guys walking in. I thought, I will seat them and start walking home.
As I walk them to a table, one of the guys ask-
do you even work here? I told them that I did but that I was about to leave.
That same guy asked that I stay and talk to them.
(Both are wearing work clothes and are very dirty)
I decided these guys just aren't my kind of crowd. But that one guy insisted, saying that he would even buy me dinner and give me a ride home after.
(Mind you, the other guy hadn't said a single word at this point)
So I stayed and had dinner with them.
Then the stupid 18 year old girl I was let them drive me home.
As we pull up to my apartment complex the guy who basically hadn't said more then three sentences the whole night asked for my number.
Which I gave to him.
After all, the talkative one had said that he would buy me dinner, which he didn't the quite one did, then the talkative one said he would give me a ride home, but didn't even have a car.
I could smell that loser from a mile away.
However that quite one sure was HOT!
That was a Saturday night.
The next night I was just sitting at home, watching TV, when the phone rings.
I asked who was calling and he guy on the other end said guess, so I did. John? No. Mike? No. Todd? No. Jay? No. Steve? NOOOO! It's RYAN BAILEY, the guy who gave you a ride home last night!
He then asked to take me on a date.
I said, sure, when.
He said, right now.
But it was Sunday night at 10pm.
So he said that he would pick me up at midnight and take me to get a snack.
(so we wouldn't break the sabbath.)
He picked me up and we went to, of all places, Krispie Kreme Doughnuts.
(I should have known then!)
I liked Ryan from the second I met him. He just seemed like a good guy.
Alright, maybe not a "good" guy, he was a bit of a "bad" boy. But I could see through that, to the good person that he really was.
I remember on our second date thinking- I could marry this guy. I knew right then.
I fell in love with him in the first two weeks. I'm so thankful that I met Ryan!
We have grown and changed so much. I'm so grateful to him! I am so glad that we met and fell in love. And that we are still in love today, 8 years later.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ella's 6th Birthday Party

For as long as I can remember {since sometime after Ella's last birthday} she has told me about once a week that she wanted to have a surprise birthday party.. for herself. I thought that this would be a good year to do it. Old enough it's easy to trick her still, yet she's grown up enough to understand what was going on.
Ryan took her out on a Daddy Daughter date, something that they do often. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. I then had 45 minutes to get everything decorated and food set up before all of her friends got there! And I mean ALL OF THEM!
I LOVE LOVE LOVED the look on her face as she walked in the door. She really didn't see it coming!
She was in heaven!

After a quick change she went out to play with all of her friends.
I invited all of her friends from the ward, but I guess that I didn't really figure out just how many people that would be. It was A LOT! 57 to be exact! I wouldn't change a thing though. It was a lot of fun!
There got to be a pretty long line to go down the water slide! Sure glad that Ryan made me buy that thing now.
After knowing she wanted her party to be a surprise the only other thing that she wanted was for the party to be a "hula girl party".
Poor Jack-Jack, he just followed Ryan and I around. I swear he carried that hot dog around for about an hour, never taking a bite.

6 years old!

The pinata was fun and very dangerous. I'm not sure that we'll do it again. At least not with that many children around! I'm amazed that nobody got seriously injured! {I love the long line of kids waiting their turn!}

We were so glad that some of Ryan's family was able to come too! Ryan's parents were so helpful!!! What would we have done without them!? Also Ryan's sister Sasha and Zach and Tori were able to make the very long drive to be there for Ella! Thanks you guys!
Zach was the one who finally broke open the pinata- we knew that he could!

{The CAKE!}

Brother and sister!

Then it was time for...... PRESENTS! And there were many! It was more then two Christmas' put together! Seriously! Ryan and I shouldn't have got her one thing. We have awesome family and friends! Thanks you guys!!!!! Ella is so loved!

Thank you everyone who came to celebrate Ella's birthday with us! It wouldn't have been the same without all of you! I know that Ella had such a wonderful time! We ALL did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ella's 6th Birthday Party

For as long as I remember Ella has wanted a surprise party- Ryan and I decided that this is the year! She knows that she's having a party- she's the one who picked out all of the decor {if it looks a little mismatched that's why} and is very excited to have a hula girl party, however she does not know what day! {so if you see her at the park or at church don't say anything about what day it is} Hope that you can make it! {I can't believe that my baby is already 6 years old!!}

Summer Fun

It's summer. Lazy summer. Well, that's what it's supposed to be right!? Around here it seems like there is always something going on. I guess that really I make it that way. Always have to have something to do. This week I've tried just relaxing and having both babies at home with me.
We decided it would be fun to finger paint with pudding. Too bad Jack ruined Ella's painting using the paper as a slip-n-slide. It was still fun.
What a mess. I'm so glad that we did it outside!

Then I thought the best way to clean off the kids was just to hose them down. They didn't mind one bit.

Jack loves the hose!

Ella just love to swim!

Brother and sister
Then inside to warm up. They looked so cute in their towels.

Ella has really gained a love of taking photographs! She caught some of Jack and I.

What we have been up to this week

We went and saw the movie "UP" with our best friends the BUALLARDS!!!!! Jack is still so naughty. What? Do I spank him, how could I with a face like that!?
All tuckered out from naughtiness

He's up again, ready to find some new kind of trouble

We had CORN on the COB! One of our favorite summer treats! It's really summer now!

One of the hot afternoons we got some ice cream! A perfect way to cool down!

Jack is so smart and loves learning new things- this week he taught himself how to turn on Ryan's car! Yep, he got the key's, found the right key, put it into the ignition and turned. He didn't get it to turn over all the way, but was very close. What's he going to learn next week!?

This week we have gone swimming a couple of times! It's so nice out right now!

The weather guy says that we are unseasonably cold for this time of year at 95 degrees.

Look at Jack- checking out the ladies! Whoo Hoo!!!

The Bullard's/our swim buddies!

Me and the Jackster!!

One of the pools had some diving boards. Ella wanted to try it so badly! She kept watching the other children jumping in. After a failed attempted and after some extra courage was mustard up- she did it!!!! I was so proud of her! I think that I would have been a little scared to jump myself. She's so brave!!! She jumped several more times after that!

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