Monday, June 30, 2014

The Move to Cedar Hills

A little over a year ago my parents moved to Cedar Hills, Ut.
I really liked their neighborhood and they often joked about how fun it would be for us to move there too. After living in our little town home for over three years we were all ready for a change and a lot more space.
So my Mom put out the word that we were looking to rent a house in the area.
One day she got a call that a family was moving out and that the house they had been living in might be just right for our family.
I called the current tenants and made an appointment and went and walked through it and immediately thought, it's too small.
My Mom was persistent however and one evening while Ryan and I were visiting at her house she convinced Ryan to go by the house and check it out. Just look at the outside.
As we were walking by the current tenant saw us and struck up a conversation.
He ended up letting Ryan take a little tour of the house.
Ryan did not think it was too small. In fact he loved it. Especially the yard and the view.
So we called the owners that night, met with them and turned in an application.
However, the next morning I saw that the owners had put up an advertizement online for the house.
I e-mailed them and they said they were going to look at other options.
So I waited, thinking for sure that meant that they were not going to rent to us. 
Which I thought was ok, since the house was kind of small anyways.
But three days later they called and said that they were going to rent to us after all.
It was so crazy, since we were still in our lease where we were at and I hadn't even seen the whole house! Luckily our current renters weren't too upset that we were leaving since we were able to find new renters and we gave them such a large amount of notice.
So on June 26th in the evening I went over and picked up our new keys.
After over three years in our little twin home we are finally moving onto bigger and better things.
(I hope!)
I'm so excited for a back yard, three garages and a basement. Of course living just a couple houses down from my parents is going to be amazing too!
This fall I will only be four minutes from the kids school! No more long drives to and from school everyday!
The morning after getting the key's Ryan still had to work. It was up to Adam, Tyler and I to get things moving.
Adam is so cleaver! using the boat tarp :)
Adam never stopped working.. load after load he never wanted to even stop for lunch.
I don't know what I would have done without him. After that first day and 8 trips back and forth between houses we got more then half the house moved. Ryan and I had decided to see how things went just using the trailer and not renting a truck. I will not do it again.
I was SO proud that Adam and I got the fridge moved in all on our own!
There are a few scratches, but I hope to get a new one soon anyways.
Our very last load!!
The next two days are a blur of lifting, moving, packing, cleaning and driving back and forth.
In all, it took about 12 trips with the trailer to get us all moved.
Nothing broke.. except maybe my ankle. While helping to move our hutch up the stairs in the new house my foot didn't make it up the stair before the hutch and it got squished pretty good. I will have this big ugly bruise for a while I'm sure. 
Saturday morning we had a pretty good crew so things went much faster.
Jacob and Adam thought it was funny to dress up in some of Ryan's old clothes we were planning on donating. They thought they would embarrass me by wearing them when we all went to the store. Which it didn't.. they just looked like idiots.
Our first night in the new house and we are welcomed with fireworks!
That was a lot of fun, the kids especially loved it.
Hello Cedar Hills!!

Early Monday morning we went back to the twin home to pick up the last few things and make sure that everything was clean before they came to pick up our keys.
It was such a bitter-sweet moment.
So much has happened in that little house. Half of our kids were born there.
It's the longest Ryan and I have ever lived anywhere in our adult lives.
Ella cried, just a little. Lilly was so confused. She's has never lived anywhere else and has already asked a couple of times "when are we going home?" Jack had to say goodbye to his friends.
I think the new place will be so great for all of us! I'm so excited to have a fresh start.

Next comes unpacking... Lila isn't very helpful.
Ella couldn't wait to get her room set up! First room done!
So much more to go.. It's my goal to be totally unpacked and everything in two weeks before Sarah gets here and Lila's birthday!
Moving is over.........

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Last Half of June

My sweet husband! He knew I was home cleaning and packing (it being only 10 days until our move) while he was off having fun dirt bike riding that he surprised me with these beautiful flowers!
Lila's sort of first "word" uh oh!!

I'm out of her sight for two seconds and she freaks out!

My brother in law Kreighton was in California for work and stopped by my childhood home!
This little sidewalk was where many secrets and Polly Pockets were shared.
Our old house. This is where I loved from ages 6-13.
Those trees were so tiny when I was little.
I loved that house!

Here we are on a Christmas morning
Adam, Dad, Me, Sarah and Aaron
See!! Those trees were tiny!
Playing dress up
Sarah, Krista, Emily and me!

Kreighton also got to see my Grandparents and cousin Tristan!
It makes me want to go out there for a visit so bad!

One of the things I appreciate most about Ryan as a Father is his example of hard work. He has already taught Jack so much about mechanics and general handiness. Jack has become such a resourceful little man.
Lilly told me "Mom I just need to dance!" I think it had something to so with her finding some ballet slippers. Apparently dancing also involves a  lot of jumping.

Another day at Seven peaks!!
Happy Birthday to Paige!! I remember the day she was born so well- especially since I was there for it! Lisa and I always said we both wanted to have girls and that they would grow up to be friends just like us! Well, we did and they really are!
All the girls! They are all so grown up!
The little girls

Jack and Preston didn't want us to take their pictures. Stinkers!

World cup! Go USA!
Thank you to Ryan and Adam for all of their help! Only three more days until the move!
Adam! He's not too bad. I hope Ryan doesn't decide to try this now!

My sweet sleepy baby
Some more of Lila's first steps

She will be walking by her birthday for sure!

Lila loves to swing! She never wanted to stop.
It's going to be so nice to live close to this fun park!
Happy Birthday to Mom and Bizzy! I'm so glad I got to share your day with you both!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ella is Officially 11

It's true, I am officially the Mother of an 11 year old.
These girls (all three of them) only get together once a year.
It's always so much fun! I know that all of them look forward to it so much!
It's also fun that it usually happens over Ella's birthday!

While the girls play upstairs, the little ones and I watch movies with candy downstairs!

Hours later and they have hardly moved...
Check out last year HERE!
The next morning, or afternoon rather. After these girls finally work up. We all went and got some breakfast/lunch at one of Ella's favorites Ihop!
It was funny that by coincidence it was our servers birthday too!
Her name was Isabel- a name we almost chose for Ella too!
These boys are such good buddies now too! They are so cute together.

Ella got a special treat! 

That evening we drove up the canyon for dinner with more cousins.
It was nice to catch up with Uncle Jared and Sara. (Emma's  Mom and Dad)

They were all in town for a wrestling match for Hunter. 
Sadly he was injured pretty badly and will have to take some time off...

Oreo cake, a favorite!
Ella with two of her best buds!

Ella is 11. I don't know what I would do without her. I'm so proud of her and the wonderful young women she's becoming. Love you Belly-bug!!
Happy Birthday!
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