Monday, June 24, 2013

Ella's Bowling Party

This is what three ten year old's look like after a night of partying!
Sarah said that the last time she yelled at them to be quiet was around 6am.
Oh. My. Goodness!
After sleeping in until after 11, the girls only had a few minutes to get ready to go!
It was so fun to have Maisy, Emma and Liam get to join the party!
Cousin's always make things more fun!
Ella wanted so badly to make tee shirts for everyone. Although they weren't what I had hoped, it was still fun.
Ella and all of her very best friends!

Everyone got a goodie bag- which included socks. I knew some girls would come in flip flops!
Everyone picked out a bowling ball and had some pizza.
The boys!
It look a little bit, but soon Lilly loved Aunt Sarah

Time to start bowling!!

Ella has her own "special" technique.

It was so fun to have "happy birthday" or a picture of Ella pop up on the screen!

Jack is a master bowler!! He loves it and isn't so bad!

Lilly only took a couple of turns, but boy did she love it!
Of course being in a new place was so much fun for Lilly. She loved exploring all of the cool stuff she could get into.
She was also a puppy for most of the party....

Ella had wanted a bowling party for a couple of years now, I'm glad we were finally able to make it happen for her.
The bowling alley was so sweet! 
They gave us this pin and had everyone write on it for Ella!
Of course Ryan had to get in on some of the action! 
He challenged Great-Grandpa to a game.
Great- Grandpa kicked BUTT!!!
Out of all the girls Avery won!
Which was extra funny due to her twisted ankle and having never bowled before!
Present time!!

It was so fun to have Great- Grandpa and Grandma surprise Ella and come to her party!

10 years old!!

It was such a fun day!! And so much better then having a party at the house. So much less prep and clean up!
When we got home later that day... I caught someone getting into the leftover cake!

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