Monday, March 31, 2008

Silly Kids

Last night I was working on the computer while Ella was sitting on the couch next to me. When I was finished, I stood up and saw that Ella had fallen asleep in a very awkward position. So of course I had to take a picture. This kid could sleep anywhere! I was sad however to see that she was sucking her thumb! We have been working very hard on quitting the habit. We have even been putting the fingernail polish that tastes terrible on her thumbs. I guess it's not working. The pictures of Jack I thought were cute because he looks so tiny on the big counted all alone. He's really liking his baby food. I also have started him on bottles for formula a couple times a day. I just don't have enough for this kid! I have no earthly idea where all of this food is going- not to his thighs! He already seems so different from Ella. More gross. This morning I "heard" that he needed a diaper change. I have been changing diapers for more then half of my life and maybe only one other time have I ever had a child do what Jack did this morning! It was all the way up to his neck and down into his shoes- both front and back! I just stood there not knowing what to do with him! He was covered! I ended up just putting him in the tub taking all of his clothes off, washing them out and him. It was disgusting. To make matters even worse as I leaned over to wash his head he peed all over the front of me! Now of course he was having a wonderful time, splashing and laughing. All I could do was laugh as well. I better get used to things like this, he's a boy and I have a lot more years of gross things to come!

Some Pictures of Ella

I love her little hat! I so badly wanted to get her an Easter bonnet, but had the hardest time finding one anywhere! We found this one at the Quilted bear in Salt Lake. I think it's so cute! It's a little big, she'll be able to wear it next year too!

Karate Pizza Party

Last week Ella's karate had a friend pizza party. Just a day to bring some friends, I'm sure that it's just to try and get more kids to take karate, but it was still fun. Paige and Avorie came. Paige did really well and poor Avorie chickened out. They all liked the pizza!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ryan's soulmate

Take the Quiz

I thought that this was funny

Take the Quiz

I saw this on someone's blog and thought it was funny! I guess I really do like soccer players! I can't wait to see who Ryan's soulmate is. I'll have to post his as well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

Today we went with Lisa, Tiffany and the girls to a place called Kangaroo zoo. It's a fun place with lots of the inflatable jumping toys. Ella LOVED it! She wasn't at all afraid of climbing even the biggest slide. Us Mom's got to just sit and chat while the kids played. Jack is such a sweet boy, drooling as usual. Ella was so sad to leave, she could have stayed there all day long!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4 Months Old!

I thought that it was so cute, while folding clothes on the floor all I could see were his tiny little feet sticking up!

Today Jackson is 4 months old! I can't believe it! He's such a big boy!

Here are some things that he has learned over the past couple of weeks!


He finally laughed for me 2 days ago! I was so happy! It's still not the double over kind of laughter, just a good chuckle. It was so sweet, I wish that I had been able to get it on video.

Baby food

Today we tried giving Jack some baby food, this time he figured out how to swallow it and I think that he really liked it. He ate the whole bowl! We are going to start giving him some at least once a day. We need to get some more meat on his bones!

Rolling over

He's become very good and rolling from his tummy to his back. Every morning while I'm getting ready for the day I lay him on the floor near the bathroom so he can see me. He always rolls over, I then put him back on his tummy, it's kind of like a game.

Baby Talk

He is getting so good at his baby talk. Ella thinks that he sounds like a little lion cub sometimes. He's become so noisy- especially in church. He's always got a lot to say!


He has started drooling SO bad! Ella did the same thing. After about an hour without a bib his shirt is dripping wet. He loves to chew on my hand, or his hand, anything that he can get into his mouth! He's starting to bite so hard too! I'm just waiting for that little white spec to show up any day!


Over just the past couple of days he's started reaching for things- especially the TV remote! He loves it, he loves touching all of the buttons. It's so fun that he has become interested in rattles and baby toys. He's even started grabbing at his toes! The other night Ryan and the kids were waiting in the car for me and Ryan gave Jack a news paper ad- he loved it! I can't wait for holidays with wrapping paper!
We are so grateful for our little man, we are so glad that he's ours!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Johnny Jump Up

While looking through everything in the basement for his room we found our old Johnny Jump Up from when Ella was a baby! She had loved it, even when she was Jack's age so we thought that we better have him try it out too. He liked it too! He loves to stand whenever anyone holds him so it was perfect. He was happy in it the whole time I put his crib together!

Jack's crib

Well since we have been thinking that we were going to be moving soon after Jack was born we have waited to put up his crib- Thinking that by the time we moved he would be ready for it. But things have taken longer, as they sometimes do and so I couldn't wait any longer! I have had his cute bedding in my closet since I found out that he was a boy! I think it looks so cute! I couldn't pull the changing table/dresser up the stairs so that will have to wait for Ryan to have the time. I have been using the changing pad on the other guest bed this whole time anyways. I had to post a picture of his name that I made because I thought that it had turned out pretty cute. His room isn't finished, I still need to hang up pictures and get him a shelf, but it's better then nothing for now! My big boy in his crib, he fits in it so much better then his bassinet! (Thank you to Grandma Bailey for his mobile and to Lisa for his quilt!)

Orange Belt

Ella has started wanting to take some pictures too. She loves to boss everyone around- stand there, look here. She loves to try and get Jack to smile and look at the camera. These are ones she took this morning at breakfast.
This morning Ella had her belt ceremony to advance to an orange belt. She was so excited! She's worked so hard and moved up very fast! We are so proud of her! (Sorry about the picture being blurry! Sometimes my camera doesn't work when I want it to!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

{ Easter }

We had a wonderful Easter. Usually in the morning's I have to wake Ella up, even on Christmas. But this morning she was up before the sun all on her own. She was very excited. She loved Hannah Montana so much, even though she has no idea who it is and has never seen the show. She just knows one of her songs. She was so excited to get a Hannah Montana doll that sings her favorite song! Jack got 101 Dalmatians, Ella was glad that I thought it would be ok for her to watch it too. After church we ate our ham dinner and Ella found all of the eggs. Then we all took a nap. It was a great day! We hope that you all had a great day too and remembered to think of our Savior on this anniversary of our greatest blessing. The day of Atonement!

Later that night....

Paige came over to play with us and we colored our Easter eggs. Only two broke! Even ryan got in on the action. He's such a kid!
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