Monday, March 24, 2008


This week while out shopping Ella came across a little stuffed animal lamb. She carried it around for a while. When we got up to check-out I told her it was time to say goodbye. She burst into tears. Not just any tears, ones of true deep sadness. Lisa was with us and had a great idea to buy it and save it just the couple of days to Easter and then it would be a wonderful surprise. So as I went to the bathroom to change Jack (who had made a real good mess in his pants) Lisa got "Lamby" as Ella has named "Her". We went off to run some more errands and as I got Ella out of the car she still had tears streaming down her face. I asked what was wrong and through sobs she told me that she just missed Lamby soooo much. I could wait any longer. As I gave it to her, she kept crying. This time for joy. She has carried her around all the time since then. Even to karate and our church Easter breakfast. They are best friends.
Of course I had to throw in some pictures of Jack too!

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