Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey Utah

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today Ella's good friend Dylin came over to play!
Ella just needed some good friend time.
With school being so long now, she doesn't get much playtime.
They couldn't wait to go swimming! It is STILL over 100 degrees around here!
Dylin is a good swimmer!

Jack, he has to wear his life jacket ALL the time.
I never know when he's going to jump in or fall into the pool.
He's pretty good in his Jacket though!

Of course.
Ella had so much fun! Thank you for coming over Dylin!
Alright everyone, who wants to come over next!?
I'm also thinking of having a Halloween party for the children- who's interested!?

Friday, September 25, 2009

You'll never believe

Remember THIS post??
Guess what!?

This afternoon I called to Jack that it was time to go get Ella from school. {Of course he HAD to wear his backpack and his awesome shades.} When he walked into the livingroom he was wearing......... the missing crocks!

I could NOT believe it!

I asked him where he got them and tried to have him show me where he had hidden them.

But he couldn't remember, or didn't want to tell me.

He probably wants to keep his favorite hiding spot a secret.

I wonder what else I would find there?

I'm just so glad that they are found! It drove me crazy for weeks trying to find those things. I looked EVERYWHERE! I tore up the whole house one day and called everywhere we had gone in the day that I believed they had gone missing. With no luck. I thought I was going to lose my mind! I seriously just about cried and prayed several times that I would be able to find them.

The lord answers our prayers, even if they are over stupid shoes.

It's just on his time.

Even if they were only 7 dollars, that's 7 bucks that would have been lost.

Happy Day!

{Did you see our new curtains. This place is slowly coming together. Starting to even feel like a home now. Again, good day. I've been needing a good day!}

{Also, funny he's wearing the same outfit both times!!! Maybe wearing that top reminded him that he needed to go get his crocks!}

Crazy Hair Day

This week is spirt week at Ella's elementry school.
Everyday they dressed us as different things, but her favorite day by far, was crazy hair day!
I just did exactly what she asked- a big poof on top with many crimped pony tails all over.
Jack always wishes that he got to do fun things.
He's just always stuck at home with me, cleaning.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunch Date

This week it was my turn to go and have lunch with Ella.
She didn't know I was coming, so when I walked up to the playground she didn't notice me. It was fun to watch her play and have fun.
When she finally saw me she got so excited! She introduced me to all of her friends and showed me around!
We tried to ignore all of the boys making so much noise and eat our pb&j's.
It was a lot of fun, I can't wait to go again!

At the Park

After a long day of working on the house, we decided to go take the kids to the park and let them play. It's FINALLY cool enough to let them be outside for longer them 10 minutes!

They loved playing tag on the grass or climbing the rock wall.
Ryan and I enjoyed just being together, watching the children, lounging on the grass.
There is a pond at this park with fish in it. Ella can't wait to come back and fish sometime.
She told me that she needed a pink fishing pole.
It was a perfect evening.
{Sorry for there terrible quality, only had the little point and shoot camera with me}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Primary Program

This last Sunday was our wards
Ella had been looking forward to it for weeks!

Ella had started out with one short line.
She and I worked on it for a few minutes last Friday at the practice.
However, when she went up to say it {at the practice} someone realised it wasn't the right thing for her to say and had her repeat one of the article's of faith.
Come Sunday she wasn't the least bit nervous!
When it was her turn she walked up to the Microphone and said
"She washes my clotheses!"
She did great, except that wasn't an article of faith, that was the first line she had.
Of course someone in the presidency helped her to say the right thing.
Ella told me after that she felt so embarrassed, but to me, it was adorable!
She thought that she was totally prepared and ready!
A BIG shout out to everyone in the primary!
It was such a wonderful program. The spirit was so strong!
Thank you for all that you do!

Even Grandma Sandy came to support Ella on her big day!
Thank you so much for coming, it meant so much to Ella that you were there!

This week at the Bailey's.....

Every Friday we have MOVIE NIGHT!
The kids pick a movie and we watch it together as a family.
This week, Nanny Mcphee!
The kids love having popcorn and this week root beer floats. Yum!

This week, some VERY exciting news!
{I hope these pictures aren't too graphic!?}
Jack-Jack has started showing some interest in going on the big boy potty!
He has liked sitting on in little potty chair for a while, but this week for the first time, something actually HAPPENED!
We were all very proud! Lots of cheering, clapping and M&M's!
I hope that this means he'll be potty training early,
and not just some one time thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy Daughter lunch date

Ryan never has weekends off and now that Ella's in school that's a problem. They NEVER have the same day off anymore! It's really a bummer that they don't get to hang out together as much. Ryan has decided that he's going to go have lunch with Ella at school every Tuesday. So they can have some extra Daddy, daughter time! This Tuesday was his first time going. We didn't tell Ella, so she was pretty surprised when he showed up at her school! They said they had a great time eating pizza together. Even Ryan got to have a hot lunch! What a good Daddy!
{So awesome that he took a picture while he was there!}

Monday, September 14, 2009

The other day...

This is what my sad little boy does every morning and every evening.

Saying goodbye to his dear old Dad or waiting for him to get home.

Later the kids were eating dinner and being so good!
I had to capture it!

For anyone who's been curious about our new place, here it is!

{Click on the image to make it larger!}

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to..........

This week was my birthday. I'm really getting up there. Late twenties.
Special thanks to you girls who came and celebrated with me! It was a great day! Thanks for making it so special! You are great friends to me! Thank you, thank you!
And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I couldn't believe how many people went out of their way to wish me a good day! Thanks you guys!
I feel so loved.

Family Swim

This past week Ryan had a day off.
You would think that would happen every 5 days right?
As far as our life with Ryan
you would be wrong. Very wrong.
This guy gets a day off maybe once a month
No really. I am NOT joking
Trust me, he wishes that things were different
Never having a day off can get very OLD very FAST
For all of us
Ryan shouldn't feel like where he lives is in the model home and where he sleeps and sometimes gets the chance to eat at is a hotel
Because that's what the kids and I are
A hotel
For the poor man with the terribly crappy job
Due to him almost never being around for anything (not his fault, but still a fact just the same) I have documented the day well
That's enough about that
Due to Ryan's one afternoon, kind of, off
we all went swimming!

Jack loved throwing that shark toy and then jumping in the water and swimming to get it

I hadn't been, well still don't for that matter, feel well
Not sure what my deal is yet
I actually went to the doctor
something I almost never do
we'll see what happens
So while everyone was swimming I was mostly just hanging out poolside watching the fun

The "what the crap are you doing mom" look

He would not look at the camera
I would say, look here Jack, show Mommy how you swim
This is what I got
Naughty boy
He's getting really good at swimming though
The fact that he can stay floating on his belly in his life jacket is real progress
Jack loves his playhouse!
He would play in it all day everyday if he could
This lady is crazy!
Look at those eye's
They are her Daddy's

They are so good
They are practicing for their upcoming water show
Anyone want to come?
Our back yard is total crap
Nobody lived in this house for three years before us
so the back yard is a disaster
We're working on it
until then, sorry you have to look at pictures of our nasty back yardAnd of course, what kind of Bailey post would this be without one of Jack naked

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