Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Planning!

It's that time of year again!!
Ella's birthday!!!
She is so excited to have a Paris themed tea party!
Her party will be held on June 11th at 1 o'clock here at our house.
Of course all are invited to attend.
E-mail me for more information.
My little girl is going to be 8 years old!
Only 4 more days of school until Summer break!! I can't wait!!
Also, I have started up my ETSY site again!
Check it out on my sidebar!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ella's School Dance Concert

Today Ella's school put on a dance concert for all of the parents.
Ella was so excited and happy that Jack and I came to watch her perform!
(Ella sitting with her class, waiting their turn)
Jack and I had some snacks and hung out on the grass,
it was such a nice day!
Still waiting patiently!

There were so many cute dances and all of the children did so well!
All done....
Jack started feeling bored.
He took this picture... of my shoulder.
My little stud muffin!
It actually got really hot sitting outside!
I got a pretty rad sun tan line.... right where my watch was
Jack couldn't take it any longer and wanted to go sit with his big sis!
She loves showing him off to all of her classmates who think he's pretty cute.
Summer might just be around the corner!!
Only one more week of school left for Ella!!!
Then SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our new house

It's a long story, why we moved.
We knew when we moved to Utah that we wouldn't live in our house forever.
So when Ryan had a little break from school we decided that now was the best time to move, before the baby gets here! It's also a lot closer to school for him!
Ryan was a little sad about moving, again! But I was really excited to move on and get really settled! (I hadn't really unpacked before, knowing we would be moving again!)
The house is about 2,000 sf. Even though it doesn't have a basement it has a forth bedroom and a large garage.

Walking down the hall downstairs you come to a bathroom on your right
or continue on to the family room, kitchen and dinning room.

I LOVE the big island!
Going upstairs-
At the top on the stairs is the first bedroom.
Right now we are using it as an office/guest bedroom
(Anyone want to come and visit!!!??)
Sometime this summer we will turn it into the nursery for the new baby!
Keeping to your left in the upstairs hall you come to the children's bathroom and bedrooms
The kids bath
Jack was enjoying a little dip in the tub
Jack's room is a little tight, but he loves it!
Ella's room is somewhat larger, with a much larger closet!
Some of her furniture will go into the nursery.
We also haven't quite finished her room yet either.
I will have to post another picture when everything is hung up
At the top of the stairs going strait down a short hallway
you come to the laundry room and master bedroom

Ryan was very excited about the large tub in the master!
The backyard!
I like that we are on the end, we have a little more privacy that way
Walking behind our house you get to the circle!
I'm so excited for this summer when everyone is out of school!
There are going to be tons of slip n slides and pools out there!
So that's it, our new place!
We are so happy and excited! We feel so blessed to live in such wonderful places!!

Jack Loves to ride his Bike

Although it's still been rather cold around here, it hasn't stopped Jack from riding his bike everyday!
The kids love having a big sidewalk going around the little park that is behind all of the backyards in our new neighborhood. It's just perfect for riding your bike or scooter.
Plus I don't have to worry about then getting hit by a car.
There is nothing he loves more then being outside!
We are looking forward to summer!

He's pretty good too!
He's faster then Ella!
Since he has become a pro on his little bike, he's been asking to have the training wheels taken off.
More on that later.....................

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last day of T Ball

Before we knew it, it was the last day of bitty ball.

Even after going several times it still took Jack the first fifteen minutes to warm up to being around people he doesn't know.
He spends that fifteen minutes standing there, doing nothing, watching everyone else.
Ryan and I kept calling out, come on Jack! You can do it! Even going up to him and trying to help him, but he wouldn't budge! At least he wasn't the other kid on his team who cried and wouldn't let go of his Mommy's leg for the whole first half! Every time!
I hope he doesn't feel this way when he starts pre-school in the fall! He is still so little.

His favorite part.... running! Shocker!
My cute boy!!!
They did several new fun activities for their last day
Jack had a TOTAL blast! He was running, smiling and laughing the whole time!
Shock and horror!
At the very end, since it's the last day Lenny the lion came to say goodbye!
(I guess he's the mascot for the gym!)
Ryan and I looked at each other and knew what was going to happen.
That poor boy is so scared of people in large headed costumes.
He's never been able to get over the cow from that one trip to Chick fil a!
His teacher told all of the kids "wave the Lenny"
As soon as Lenny had his back turned Jack sprinted over to Ryan and I
"I scared of that lion mommy!"
We are so proud of Jack! He's growing up and getting bigger.
Something that makes me so sad.
My only boy.....
He is loving being bigger and able to do all of the fun things he's watched Ella get to do over the years.
We signed him up for another bitty ball session, this time soccer!!
He can't wait!!
(We also signed Ella up for Cheer! She's so excited!!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lisa's Birthday!

I was so excited that THIS year I was able to be here for Lisa's birthday!
(See what they have done in my absence in years past here!)
Lisa, me, Kim and Tiff ditched (most) of our kids with our husbands and drove up to Park City for a girl's night at a hotel!
It took us a little while to get there, due to some of my stupid crap, but we finally made it!
We settled into the room before heading out for a Cafe Rio dinner.

That night we hung out, watched a movie and ate WAY to much candy!
Even though we are.... approaching... 30.... we still know how to have fun and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning joking and laughing!
You ladies are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all slept in late and took our time getting dressed in the morning.
Lisa opened her gifts, these lovely ear rings were from Tiff!
I hope you liked your presents Lis ;)
Before heading out the door for a day filled with shopping we took a picture of all of us together
Can you tell I've already gained 20 pounds! Yikes....
What a fun night! Another one to remember for sure!

Monday was Lisa's official birthday! We all got together again, this time including Lisa's mother in law Nancy, for a lunch at one of Lisa's favorites, Los Hermanos!

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!!!
I am so happy that I was here to help celebrate with you!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Itty Bitty Ball

Soon after we moved back to Utah I started looking into some fun activities for the children to do. Get them out of the house and meeting new friends, especially Jack.
Our local rec center was offering a little pre-t ball class that I thought Jack would like.
His first day he was SO nervous! He has never done anything like this, other then primary.
Our little guy, growing up!
He is playing on the Clubs team!
Each little group went around to different stations for fun activities.
Jack's favorite was one where the ball was tied to a rope from the rafters that he got to hit with a big bat!
I was so impressed with how well Jack followed direction! He listened to his coach and did exactly what she said.
He was so good about patiently waiting his turn and when done going to the back of the line
First time up to bat!
He already had a glove at home, so he was able to get it on just fine and scoop up the ball
Jack loved to run the bases and the little race they had at the end. He's a speedy little thing
Of course he was thrilled when they handed out a treat at the end!!
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