Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Vacation

The whole week after Christmas I was so sick I hardly got out of bed.. it was miserable!

Ryan tried to keep up with the house and the cooking.
He even made everyone a nice big breakfast.. once he figured out that pancakes are more then flour and water :)

Mary and Kevin hung out a bunch with their sweet kiddies

(I think that Ella has too many shampoos) 

The night before Aaron and Jamie flew home we all got together to play games. 
I'm so predictable! Aaron was able to guess everyone's answer on his first try!

One evening I was feeling well enough that we all decided to go out to eat.
Wasn't it just 60 degrees? At least it's Christmasy and pretty!

Harvey really liked it.

Nice face Kevin

Not one who likes clutter, I took everything down before new years.
This was the last of Christmas, until next year!

There was still some little Christmas things left over.. :)

Merry Christmas, my back window got shattered.. NOT FUN.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas eve!
Uncle Kreighton had told us that sometimes Santa would come early and leave a package for the kids on the front porch- usually with some Christmas pajamas.
We were so excited that this year Santa did that for our family ;)

After dinner we all decorated some sugar cookies

Lila really liked it :)

Then it was just a count down until bedtime!
(Someone (Lila) was ready for bed!)

The next morning Ryan and I went down stairs to find that Santa had come!

The stockings were filled!!

We also got some snow! It's been such a mild winter we thought for sure we wouldn't have a white Christmas.. Happily we were surprised!

We have a rule in our house that we all have to go down stairs together.. but Lila was just too sleepy.
Obviously she didn't understand what was going on. The other kids patiently waited.. 

Everybody is up and ready to go!

A couple of group gifts ;)

Ella was SO excited! I guess I get to have her as a little girl for one more year!

The ONLY thing this kid wanted!

Poor baby.. Lila was feeling so sick.. good thing she got a nice chair to relax in.
(I am sick too.. I don't think that I've been this sick in a long time! I've got the worst cold of my life. I feel like I was kind of out of it all morning. Being sick on Christmas is the worst!!)

After checking out what Santa brought and a light breakfast/snack it was time to open the other presents.

I totally wanted one of these when I was little.. but never got one. I knew that Lilly would love it!!
She got four babies.. three girls and one boy. What a coincidence!

We got many wonderful gifts from family and friends! 
Thank you so much!!

Jack was seriously the easiest kid to shop for. 

Ella and Ryan are the hard ones, I hope they liked everything!!

These girls had seen these in the store months ago, I knew they had to have them!

Lilly got tired and wanted to rest on the couch.. 

It seemed like we hadn't even made a dent! SO many presents!

Poor Lilly, I thought that she would like clothes.. maybe not so much.

Jack got a soft ninja turtle blanket for his birthday and the little girls loved it, especially Lila.
So I got two for them to share. After opening one, we all had to dig around and find the other one so they could stop fighting.

The children each made me special gifts.. I will treasure them forever.

The children exchanged gifts with each other. I love how generous and thoughtful they were to one another.

Merry Christmas Ryan!!

As the morning when on Lila got too tired... and needed a nap

Last few gifts.
Lilly loved this doctor kit!

I got all make up this year and I couldn't be happier!

Towards the end on the presents pile we realized that most of them were Ella's. Each child had the same amount of gifts, but somehow Ella hadn't opened as many as the other kids.. So much patience.

Of course when you give Ryan a knife, he has to use to to open everything.

Twin shirt with Justin!
I love how those two like to match ;)

With all of the presents opened.. we just sat back and relaxed.

What a mess!!

Finally Lila couldn't stay awake anymore.
Merry Christmas!!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful day! I know we did!

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