Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Business

Ella won first place in a social studies competition at school!!
She was pretty excited about it!

The little girls love going to story time at the country club.
This week they put on a special Polar Express day.
Lilly's always such a good little listener.. when she's not trying to take selfies with her play phone..
Oh boy, what do I have coming?

They had some yummy cookies and made some bell necklaces. 

After story time the littles and I went and ran some errands, which included the outlets... which means in included Coach.
Lilly said "But Mommy, I have to get it. It's just my size!"

I need to take more "everyday" pictures of Lila..
Look at that face!! That's her naughty look. I see that one a lot.

13 years ago I met a girl who was so positive that I never forgot her! (Even Ryan remembers me talking about her 13 years ago!) I was so excited when I found out that Sage Marley was our speaker at our relief society devotional! I loved hearing her testimony of our savior and her lesson on how to endure our trials. Such an inspiration!

Sometimes the girls want to play with my camera.. this is what ends up happening..

Ella's grade put on a "worlds fair" at school.
The little girls and I got to go and support her. She told me all about the UK.. which mostly meant Harry Potter :) She got an A!

Lisa and I were trying to think of something fun to do for Tiffany's birthday... 
I knew right away- a sleepover!!
She's always wanted to have a sleepover. She's not joking when she says she feels young ;)
So we did it! Everyone came over to my house. We ate and ate and ate.. played games and chatted until 5am!

This is the only other picture I took of the whole 20 hours!
In the morning we made a big breakfast.
It was so great to hang out with my girls! I need to do that a lot more. I feel so recharged.
Happy Birthday Tiffy!!

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