Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ward Christmas Party

My parents were in charge of the ward Christmas party this year.
We all got there a bit early to help set up. Leo wanted to be on the stage..

Ryan held newborn baby Rosie most of the night as Bizzy was chasing her other kids around and practicing for her performance later. What a pro, talking (Enthusiastically) while holding that baby tight. So sweet.

Another little baby was too sleepy. Poor Scarlett fell asleep on Grandpa.

After a very yummy dinner all of the kids participated in a little nativity.
Ella was a shepherd and Lilly was an angel.

Jack was thrilled at being on one the wise-men!

I guess it was less exciting when you had to be on stage in front of everyone... :)

Lilly loved being an angel.. and the dessert table.

Love Jet's face in these.. SO tough!

There was a pretty good turnout. 

This guy in our ward was SO funny! He was mouthing all of the songs, but with a much more operatic feel. Of course he stopped as soon as I went to sneak a picture.
Then it was time for the talent portion of the night. There were many great performances- 
Bizzy and Jacob played and sang a song.

Neinah and her good friend sang and song too.. in Japanese! 
Ella especially thought that was pretty cool.

Just switched one baby for another..

The end of the night was a surprise visit from the three wise-men.
(Or our bishopric!)

They came with gifts for all of the little children.
It was such a great night! Next.. the ugly sweater party!

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