Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

He was so excited to wear his new suit to church!
He had his Bishops interview for his Baptism! 

 Lilly has really gotten into the scriptures. We are doing pretty good about reading every night.
Lilly that night told Ryan "You're a good couch Daddy)
Chris mouse came and left us a little package, the kids couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside.

 It was angel chimes!

 With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, there wasn't an inch left in the fridge!

 Mary and family came to town.
My kids had never played twister before, so I got it for them.
They loved it and wanted to play with everyone.
Mary and Jacob got into a pretty serious challenge.

 I got all of my Christmas cards ready and sent out.
Love it when I get things done early!

 The morning of Jack's birthday!
Officially 8 years old!

 Jack's birthday was also Thanksgiving!
Such a pretty table set by Mary and Bizzy!
Love these little cousins. Love when they get to spend time together!

 Lila and Scarlet 

 I think we have to have at least one sparkling cider per person. At least.

 Dinner was amazing. 
I wish that it had had the same effect on the children that it did for me.
Nap time!

 We had a little birthday celebration for Jack, can't believe this boy is eight yours old.

 Star Wards themed, of course.

 My sisters.. in their truest forms.

 After dinner some of us were talking about going to do some black Friday shopping, but nobody really wanted to go. 
So Mary and I went out to brave the crowds to buy cheap shoes and carpet cleaners.
I look SO OLD in this picture.
Mary's sad because we were in a long, long line

 Over the weekend we were able to celebrate this little sweetie's first birthday!
Happy Birthday sweet Rosie!

 Some kids movies are just too stupid.. nothing like a 9 dollar nap.

 So Anna is learning to drive.. and ran right into my car. Glad it was just a little cosmetic thing and nobody got hurt!

 Aunt Sarah sent us an early Christmas gift- the Home Alone movies, which included this cool hat.
Thank you Reed family!

 Ryan's calling right now is primary sub. Every week there is some class without a teacher.
He's been in the nursery several times over the past couple of months, but he doesn't mind.

 My kids love ice cream and candy, luckily they love broccoli and olives too!

This is what happens when Mom finds you hiding under her blankets eating chocolate..
sneaky, sneaky.

It was my brother Aaron's birthday this week. It was harder then I thought it would be.

So thankful for eternal families.

From Instagram - (Happy birthday Bo! You would have been 30 today. The next time I see you I hope to be a very old lady, but I bet you will be your same 29 year old handsome self. I can't wait! Thinking of you today and always..... #inmemoryofaaronorr )

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seeing Santa 2015

 Now that Thanksgiving is over, that means we can really get into the Christmas spirit!

 Ella was feeling a little old, but is always a good sport

 We were all a little nervous for Lila.. how was she going to handle sitting on Santa's lap?

 Lilly couldn't wait and HAD to go first!

But without any hesitation Lila climbed right up and wasn't scared at all

 He's not to big yet.. I hope he still had the majic a few more years

 We kind of forced her, but Ella took a turn too

 Merry Christmas! It will be here before we know it!

 After seeing Santa we went to our favorite toy store

 Lila loves "burds"

We finished the night with a horse drawn carriage ride!
The kids thought it was so fun to ride around while it was snowing. It really is starting to feel like Christas!

Jack's Baptism

 This guy woke up super early and was dressed and ready to go before anyone else.
He could not wait for his big day!

  My whole crew

 He loved everything, but wanted to get the show on the road

My boys all in white.
(I don't know if it was ok to take pictures in the church like this, but I'm kind of glad my cousin did)

 Perfect and clean
 We sang songs and chatted while the boys got dressed.

 I asked him how he felt and he said "amazing and so happy!"

 We heard some awesome talks by both Grandpas.
Grandpa Rick gave Jack a special compass, in hopes that he will always be able to choose the right path in life. I'm pretty sure that Jack will cherish that all his life.

 Our sweet Bishop Tucker is always so emotional.
It was hard for me to maintain my composure as he welcomed Jack as the newest member of the church.

 Ella was so helpful, as always. Someone took this picture of my girls just outside the room.
Lila was getting restless.

Then we all went over to where we had a planned brunch.
Thank you to everyone who ran over and put the last minute things together.

 We got a TON of snow the night before that prevented some people from being able to make it.
So there was lots of food!

 We were so happy that some of Ryan's family were able to make it.
Even Ryan's Dad and his wife drove up from Arizona to be there.

 Since it was his special day I had a couple presents for him.
Scriptures, a tie pin, book marks, a little journal and a CTR ring

Who knows, maybe those will be the scriptures he will take on his mission someday

 One of Jack's best buds Preston. Hopefully we can a photo of the together at Preston's baptism and then again for their missions and weddings :)

Anna wanted a picture with her new boyfriend Johnny..

 All of the kids!

So happy and grateful for everyone who came to support Jack on his big day- a day he will never forget I'm sure!
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