Friday, February 24, 2012


This little lady is already almost 6 months old! Half a year has gone by, so hard to believe.
She loves sitting in her high chair while I work in the kitchen.

I love her smile when she sucks on her bottom lip
I love her rosy cheeks
I love her green eyes
I love her double chin
I love everything about her!

Sami's Birthday

This week was Sami's birthday. I can't believe it's already her birthday again- remember last year HERE
Ryan and I are so grateful for Sami (and Tyler) they are so good to us and our children.
We were lucky enough to spend the day with Sami on her BIG day.
Out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse... again. See HERE
and then out to a movie
(although I'm not sure that was a movie Sami ever thought she would see for HER birthday. Thanks for being such a good sport!)
We also had some yummy dessert.

We love you!!!!

Lilly's First Haircut

Okay... So Lilly had the craziest MULLET ever!
I was so reluctant to cut it though. That's her baby hair. I didn't want her to look grown up.
But after both Sami and Lisa bugging me about it for weeks, I finally said they could cut it.

Bye bye baby hair.
All done. I have to admit it doesn't make her look too grown up and that she looks a lot better now
Look at that DOUBLE CHIN!!!!
My sweet tiny baby is getting bigger and chubbier. Almost 6 months old!

Crazy Boy!!

The other day Jack was trying to get dressed. I guess he didn't have any clean pants in his drawer, so he went looked for some.
Although it's funny, I know it's extremely dangerous and you can guarantee that we had a long talk after this about NOT EVER getting in the dryer again.
He saw the DANGER sticker.... I hope next time he will heed that warning a little better.
Later that day some of Jack's friends- Owen and Luke Shepherd came over to play for a little while.

Such silly boys!!!

Valentines Day 2012

The night before I made a couple of these little felt envelopes for the kids to put on the counter for the Valentines fairy. They looked easy, but for some reason I struggled to get them how I wanted. 
I will try again next year.....
(I had already opened her bag of treats... hope the kids didn't see that!

Ella woke up early for school and got to open her envelope
(She LOVES her old soccer jersey and wishes she could wear it everyday!)

Ella has to get to school EARLY. When I get back from taking her to school is about when Jack wakes up.
(Ryan is home getting ready for work while I take her, I don't leave him here alone!)
For anyone who thinks I'm nuts for loving holidays- look at those faces! Totally worth it!
I was blessed to come from a family who loves holidays and traditions and I'm happy to pass them along to my kids too

Ryan's Valentines :)
Ryan had some flowers delivered. He also wrote me a beautiful letter. Perfect!
Lilly had to model her new outfit! Look at all of that crazy hair!!

Later that night Lilly tried some cookies. What a mess!
I don't think we'll do that again for a while. She sucked on it so hard it fell apart really fast and I was worried she would choke

Needed to wash it down. Trying to drink her Ba

That night we had a family Valentine dinner of Papa Murphy's pizza, salad and soda.
The kids were in heaven drinking soda- a very special treat!

After dinner we all watched a movie and just hung out as a family. It was such a nice day. I love my family!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adult Dinner Party

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE having parties and I LOVE holidays!
My friend Angela and I decided to throw a Valentine dinner party for some friends of ours.
After weeks of planning and preparing we were all set!

Okay.... so I took just a COUPLE of pictures of the set up.
I thought it turned out SO cute!! I loved every little detail!
Angela and I made all of the little rose balls.
Ryan filled over 50 balloons with helium! It filled the WHOLE expedition! 

Angela found this fun game for all of us to play!
I got the newly wed game. ;)

Another fun thing, I had everyone bring their engagement photo to display and compare.
Some of us have been married a little longer then others.
John and Tiffany

Katie and Ian

Kim and Craig

Justin and Angela

Sami and Tyler

Travis and Jenna

Lisa and Jake

Ryan and Rachel (me!)

After a yummy dinner of ham, potato's, salad's of all kinds, rolls and tons of sparkling cider (which exploded all over my kitchen) and some yummy chocolate fondue for dessert we all played some games.
Lisa and Craig won the candy game! They were super fast.
We also played the newlywed game!
Ryan and I won!! 
Of COURSE we had a photo booth!

Thank you so much Angela!
You are an amazing friend and party planning partner!
I can't wait for our next party!
Lisa, Tiff and I
The last picture from the night.
Ryan and Tyler
Don't they look just a little like a brother duo?
Ryan's Mario and Tyler's Luigi!
Thank you everyone who came and who helped! It turned out perfect!
Ryan and I had so much fun! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.
We love you all! Happy Valentines Day!
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