Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We had to have Ella's party a couple of days before her actual big day. She when her real birthday came we took her out to her favorite restaurant- Wingers. She likes it there because they give you popcorn as an appetizer. She has been loving all of her new toys! We got her a ball that she can bounce on. At first she had a hard time, but now she's a master bouncer! We also got her some roller skates, she wanted some so badly! She even put them on over her PJ's and wanted to sleep with them on! She had a great Birthday!

Ella's 4th Birthday Party!

Ariel is Ella's favorite princess so she wore an Ariel swimming suit and had an Ariel cake! Ella just couldn't wait to open her presents! We have great friends, she got so many great things!

Ella's 4th Birthday Party!

All of our friends came and we tried out Ryan's new BBQ! Ella had so much fun going down our huge water slide , playing pin the tale on the donkey and trying to break open the pinata!

Ryan's surgery

Well, Ryan got his appendix out. His eye's looked so freaky! They pulled tape off of them after the surgery and broke a bunch of blood vessels. He's looking and feeling a lot better now. Ella was very sad that her Daddy was hurt so she became his little nurse and did everything she could to make him more comfortable and cheer him up. I love how she figured out how to carry all of her nurse tools around with her. Ryan got sick right before Fathers day, we still got him what he wanted- a BBQ. But we had to take a picture of it in the garage because he couldn't walk down the stairs to see it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

For anyone who wanted to see me fat....

For those of you who wanted to see how fat I am... here you go! I'm huge! I asked the doctor about it he just said that I am thin, it's got nowhere else to go and that I am the size that I should be! I just feel like a whale already and with six months more to go! I have gained three pounds and pretty much have to wear maternity pants now. But everything looks really healthy! I can feel it moving and wiggling all the time now! We get to have an ultrasound and find out the gender in a month, we can't wait!

Ice Cream Man

I swear Ella can hear the music from the ice cream truck in her sleep! She was so excited to tell the ice cream man which treat she wanted, until it wasn't an ice cream man, but and ice cream woman! After some thought she said that they must be the ice cream family and so it was ok!

At the pool!

Aaron and Jamie came to Utah and we were able to see them! We all hung out at our house and then went out to dinner. We also had the chance to go swimming while they were here. They brought Jamie's Nephew Geddy to play with Ella. You might remember him, he was the one who held Ella's hand the whole time at Aaron and Jamie's wedding. They loved playing together and whispering into each others ears. She now wants a shoot gun just like Geddy!

Mowing the lawn!

Ella was so excited to help her Daddy mow the lawn! She followed him the entire time! She thought that she was really cutting the grass, but she couldn't ever find the clippings to throw in the trash like on Dad's mower!

Mother's Day dinner

One night when in St. George Ryan planned a dinner at my favorite restaurant for Mothers day. Ryan even picked out and bought Ella this pretty new dress for the special occasion. Ella was so excited, but as soon as we got there- she fell asleep! Right there on the seat! It was pretty funny. It was nice because then Ryan and I had a date pretty much to ourselves.

St. George

A few weeks ago Ryan, Ella and I went on a mini vacation to St. George Utah! We needed some time away! We stayed at a really nice hotel. We had fun going shopping, going out to dinner and just hanging out! Ella got some funny goggles!
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