Sunday, July 19, 2015

LA Ladies Trip 2015

After the craziness of the last couple of weeks it was nice to just sit and hang out without going, going, going..

Sarah and I went and got our toes done one afternoon. I'm glad we got some good sister time in. She's going to stay at my house and watch my kids while I go out of town. Sister of the year award!

Jacob and Natalie got back and opened all of their wedding gifts.
I wish Ryan and I had gotten half of what they got. ;)

And then it was time! Time for my girls trip!!
I was so excited to get on the road and get going that I got a speeding ticket.
Dang it. Not the way I wanted to start this trip.

Hard to believe way back in November we were all sitting around and spontaneously planned this trip for Kim's birthday. Can't believe we are actually doing this!
Time to board the plane!

The flight was super short. We landed in LA and picked up our rental car.
We then headed straight for the beach!
Some of the ladies had heard of this little sandwich place for others on the plane, so we decided we better try it.

After lunch we walked across the street to check out the ocean. I love the ocean so much!


After getting soaking.. Lisa literally fell in.. We drove over to check out Fashion Island.

It's just a really nice outdoor mall. We all did some shopping for new swimming suits and even got matching bracelets in memory of the trip. Which hand is mine? (right/gold)

We finally made it down to our hotel, checked in and got ready for dinner.
Kim, Autumn, Lisa, Tiffany and me. 

We had a great dinner and celebrated Kim's birthday!
We were all so tired after that we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning we all tried sleeping in before getting ready to go and hit the pool.

BFF's since 2001

We all decided we would go and rent a bike to ride together on the beach. We asked this guy to take a picture for us. He made sure to take a selfie of himself first.

I feel like this picture makes me look naked...

After a clothing change we were back out for dinner.

This pizookie was SO good!

Due to my being totally sunburned, I went back to the hotel with Tiffany and Kim.
Lisa and Autumn went on a crazy adventure! Lets just say they met these guys and I'm sure it's a night they will never forget.

It was a bit harder to be away from the kids then I thought it would, but getting texts with pictures like this make me feel a lot better.

While the other girls went and got massages, Lisa and decided to spend a third of the money and just get our nails done.

After checking out of our hotel we had planned to go into LA or to the beach or something.. but it ended up being kind of yucky drizzly outside. What can we do in the rain?

It wasn't very far at all. I was so excited! I've never really gone without kids before.

I didn't think the rain would be a big deal, but as soon as my tennis shoes were completely wet through, that made everything a little less fun. Next time if it's raining I'm wearing flip flops.

We all stayed warm and enjoyed each others company. 


60th Anniversary!

Peter Pan

We all finally had enough and bought ponchos. 

One of my favorites and one that always reminds me of my brother Aaron.

We had really worked up an appetite and decided to get some soup to warm up. It's my favorite anyways.

I love Tiffany's face :0

I had to be the lone person on Buzz Lightyear, It was ok though, I dominated all of them.

So happy the Matterhorn was open this time!

Small world.


It was so fun to see all of the blue.. for the 60th year.

Indiana Jones. I hadn't been on that ride in forever.

Can't believe the day was already coming to an end...

Last ride, Space Mountain (Before they change it to something else)
Lisa wasn't kidding when she said she would get sick, poor thing.

The next morning we got up and were off to the airport.

It was such a fun trip! Something I will never forget, that's for sure.
I sure was ready to see Ryan and the kids again though.
Until next year ladies!

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