Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our Bedroom!

We don't have our headboard or foot board yet. We've been waiting for more then month! But I think that it will make a big difference! Also there isn't enough room in our closet for all of our clothes, so all of mine are in the guest bedroom closet! Ryan's actually got more clothes then I do! The computer will not always be in our room! Ryan's going to build a desk/bookcase in the playroom someday!

Ella's Room!

Here and pictures of Ella's bedroom and bathroom! We still have to get her a dresser and paint and stuff, but you get the idea!

Rachel and Ella!

Ella wanted to take some crazy pictures of her and me together! We also cut bangs on her again! I think that she looks so cute!


The other night Ryan was coming home from work and saw tons of deer walking right into our back yard! Ella and I counted and there were about 50! Ella ran to the fridge and got some carrots to feed to them! She kept calling then reindeer and wondering where Santa was! She's so funny!

Supergirl to save the day!

Ella loves to be a superhero! She likes to help me a lot when she's Super Ella! She also loves to do different poses for the camera! She's such a ham!

More of Ryan's Party!

More pictures of Ryan's party. All of his friends gave him funny gifts. Lisa and Jake gave him a pen that says "I might be a terrible father and husband, but I'm a snappy dresser!" They also gave him a tee shirt that say's "I fart in your general direction". John and Tiffany gave him the movie "Jackass". Everything perfect for Ryan!

Ryan's Party!

The Saturday after Ryan's actual birthday I threw him a party at our house with all of his friends. We ate Ryan's favorite food (My famous chicken salad sandwiches) and played games. It was a very fun day! Happy Birthday Ryan!

Bath Time!

Ella loves to take a bath just like her Daddy! She loves our nice big tub so she can swim like a mermaid!

Ryan's birthday!

Ryan's 26!! On his birthday he had his Richmond American Homes Christmas party. We got to go to a Utah Jazz game. Ryan even got to go down onto the floor and high five all the players as they came out to play! Once in a life time chance! To bad that they lost! We still had a fun time.

Our Sleeping Angel

Ella was so tired she got into bed all by herself! She always sleeps with her Pooh Bear, he keeps her safe and helps her to not be afraid of the dark.


Ella had her first day of primary last week! She was so excited! Ryan and I just can't believe that our little baby girl is all grown up and going to primary!

Las Vegas

More pictures of Ella and Ethan having fun over New Years!

New Years!

We had the wonderful chance of going to Sarah and Trent's house for New Years! Ella love's Ethan and Baby Matty! They have fun playing outside, coloring, watching movies and playing pirates! Ryan and I had fun too! It would have been so much better if I hadn't got so so sick!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas! Even though it was only the three of us, we still had a great time! Santa brought Ella a train set and big orange car! She got so many things I can't even list them, she had a huge pile! Ryan got a computer and some things for his Ipod. I got a camera and money to buy clothes! We were sad that we couldn't go out to Wisconsin, but we're planning on going out for a vist sometime this summer! Have to go on a camping trip while we're there! Love you all!
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