Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Pioneer day is one of my most favorite holidays!
We all woke up early and drove down to Mapleton for their parade.
We ate breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk while we watched.

I love how Lilly waved to everyone as they passed.
These girls are so big!
All of the kids were so excited to try and get candy!
Lila found a sucker, so she was happy.

A flower shop was handing out flowers to all women. Lilly felt so special!
After the parade we walked across the street to play at the little carnival.
The kids loved playing in all of the bouncy houses.
Then we needed a little snack.
Popsicle's are a must on such a hot day!
After having dinner over at Lisa and Jake's we went over to the park to get set up for the night of fireworks and dancing!
Someday one of them has GOT to win one!!

A highlight of the day is always going to the ball drop.

Ella and Paige
We didn't win a bike again this year... There's always next year.
We love watching "The Party Crashers" perform!
Everyone danced and danced!

Jack worked on his break dancing moves!

Lila loved all of the glow sticks.

It was so fun to watch Ryan really get into dancing with the kids. We all had a total blast!

This is what 33 years of marriage looks like!
Nice one guys!

Then time for fireworks!

Happy Pioneer Day!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A week in July

Every once in a while these ladies take naps at the same time. 
And it is glorious!! 
I'm so sad that Lilly is outgrowing nap time...

My first night in my new calling with the young women! So exciting! Our challenge tonight was to share a picture of us with the Book of Mormon. What an amazing testament of our savior! I'm so blessed to have a knowledge of the truthfulness of this book! Let me know if you want one :)

Registered the children at their new school! This year is going to be awesome, I can feel it! 
No more 17 minute drive! It will be the ONE year that they are in the same school at the same time!

After almost 5 years without a real back yard- we are all THRILLED!

I love when Lila stands up in her high chair and yells "uh-oh!". It's like she's tattling on herself.....

Someday she wont get into bed with us..
Until then we are soaking up every second with this little peanut. She is perfection!
So fun to have some BAILEY cousins come to visit! Of course Ella and jack had to take all of them for a ride on their ATV's. Miles didn't want to stop!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Rest of Sarah's Week in Utah

The day after Lila's birthday, she had to wear her new outfit (thanks Candice!)
Lila loves babies so much! Love these sweet cousins together!
These boys are like two peas in a pod!

Out doing some shopping.
A perfect day to go to Seven Peaks!
Liam was so brave! Mostly...
The next day and basically Sarah's last day we hit the splash pad.
Lots of cousins!
Lila handing out with her buddy.
It was so nice having Sarah here! With Sami's shower, girl's nights, Lila's birthday, shopping and lots of swimming, It went by way too fast!
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