Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Weeks Old

Two week check up!
I can't believe it's already been two weeks.
Her stats- 64% for weight and 77% for height.
While at her check up the doctor and I talked about a weird sound that the baby will make when she's sleeping.
So we decided that we would put her on a 24 hour oxygen monitor.
Within hours after returning the machine we were told that she was fine!
Nothing to worry about.
She looks so much like her Daddy!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday up the Canyon

It's really become a tradition to go up the canyon on Sunday afternoons now.
It's so nice to be outside and enjoy the nice weather before the cold winter comes.
Ryan was teaching the kids how to make spears.

Anna found this gross dead fish.
Dad kept saying he was going to eat it. I'm glad he didn't.. yuck!
Ryan took Jack and Lilly down near the water. I told him to be careful, I didn't want anyone to get wet. Of course then I hear a splash. Lilly's feet were wet. 
Ryan decided that he would warm them over the fire.

Sweet little baby. She stayed nice and warm.
Jack loves finding treasures in the woods.
Well Ryan sure got Lilly's socks dry, he caught them on fire more then once..

All of the kids have loved having Grandpa "smell" their feet. Lilly's reaction was priceless!
Dad and Ryan tried cooking the fish...
This is what happens when you have four kids. 
I don't have the time or energy to prevent things like this from happening.
They sure had fun though!

I love her little toe sticking out :)
What another nice evening up the canyon.
Thank for taking all of these pictures Sami!

Almost Two Weeks Old

One of the best things about having these girls being so close in age is that they can wear matching outfits!
First matching- Yellow! Lilly thought it was pretty fun too

Matching again, I just can't help it!

This could be a problem...

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Since we never had to chance to do fireworks on the 4th or yesterday we decided to do some tonight!
Mom and Dad came over along with Sami and lots of teenagers!
Lilly has been wanting to wear tutu's everywhere lately! 
She just puts them on over whatever she's wearing.

These girl's are seriously WEIRD!

Of course Ryan's got to show off and hold the fireworks, shooting out at everyone...

It's so great to have so many helpers!!

Another great night! I love summer!

Pioneer Day

I felt like we didn't do much all summer, so I was happy when I felt up to driving down to Mapleton for their big Pioneer celebration.  
We met up with Lisa and her kids, Kim and Madison, Sami, Abby and their friends and a little later my Mom, Anna, Neinah and Ryan came too!
Last year it almost rained us out, this year was just the same.
The light rain just cooled things off and made for a perfect night!
Of course Jack was wishing he could win a bike....
The helicopter came and dropped all of the ping pong balls for the children.
None of us won a bike, but it was still fun.

Then the band started to play and the little girls loved dancing!
The band this year was AMAZING!
"the party crashers"
I hope they are there again next year!

Ella had only just gone to the stadium of fire and Maisy hadn't even been to a "concert" before so they thought it was WAY COOL!

They got right up front! You can see Ella and Maisy if you looks close!
Of course Jack was being so shy.
He needed his Daddy to help him get in on the fun!
Good thing Sami was there (like always!) to help with Lilly. She's a wild girl and just about ran off a couple of times.

Then it was fireworks time!
They are the best I've ever seen! They just about took my breath away!
The girls were more interested in meeting some of the band members....
It was such a great night! We had so much fun!!
Happy Pioneer Day!!!!!
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