Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Girl Bailey

Ready to have that baby!
38 weeks and 2 days. The previous week at my doctors appointment they thought for sure that I wouldn't make it to my due date. I was having tons of contractions and was dilated to a two and a half. So instead of having another appointment at the office, they had me go straight into the hospital to see how things were going.
I love that we had a temple view from our room.
Everything takes a long time at the hospital. And to think we thought we were going to be late!
Ryan kept telling me to "just start pushing".
Well I wasn't as ready as they thought I would be, but I was already there..... I didn't want to be induced this pregnancy. But I've never been so uncomfortable before. My back hurt so badly I could hardly sleep. My feet ached. I was miserable. So I said oh well and just had them start me.
My LAST EVER pictures pregnant!!
They got my IV in and started getting my contractions going.
Right away my body kicked into gear! It was slow, but steady progress.
As my Mom took this she said- last time as parents of only three children.
It was so weird, even being in the hospital and in labor it hadn't really "hit" Ryan and I that we were in fact having another baby. Didn't we JUST do this? Weren't we JUST here!?
Oh wait we were! HA! Lilly is only 21 months old!
After having a baby girl such a short time before there wasn't a lot to prepare for.
Also even after having three healthy children at home, I still couldn't get my hopes up too much. Just in case.
My doctor is AMAZING! He delivered Lilly too. I would recommend him, but he's retiring and no longer taking patients. I'm so glad that I got to have him deliver a second time.
Dr. Parker sat with us for hours chatting about life, religion and babies.
He is such a calming influence in the room. He's like a Grandpa.
By 10pm I could tell things were moving along much faster. Although I did get an epidural, it was positioned weird and although I couldn't feel any pain, I could feel a LOT more then I ever had before. It was great! After pushing for a half hour (the longest it's ever taken me)...
She's here!! July 16th at 11:40pm
It was such a relief that she came out pink and screaming! 
8 pounds and 1 oz. 20 inches long.
As SOON as she came out Ryan and I both looked at each other and KNEW that she was MUCH bigger then all of our other children! Sure enough- an 8 pounder! I never thought I would have a baby that big!
(Ella 7.4 Jack 6.9 and Lilly 7.2)
Right away she was screaming and moving around. She's got some lungs!
Reality set in pretty quick at this point. 
Another baby, another daughter. I couldn't have been happier!

Proud Daddy! So relieved she's here safe and healthy!

Grandma Orr- always the best help and support. I'm so happy and blessed that she's been able to be at all of the births of my babies. Don't know what I would do without her!
Sami texted me the entire night- waiting to come as soon as possible!
Ella was still awake and got to come and be the first sibling to meet the baby!
Ella was so excited that we were having another girl!

Running some tests. Daddy loved holding her and showing her off to all of the nurses.

Right away I noticed that she looked VERY different from the other girls.
To me she looks JUST like Ryan! Mostly it's the nose. Grandma Sandy sent us a little Ryan clone.

My sweet baby girl is here!
All throughout my pregnancy I could feel the baby move the most in the middle of the night.
Sure enough, she was awake ALL night.
She's such a good baby. 
Good eater and good pooper.
She's got some attitude and will get upset if she doesn't get what she wants right away.
She really is a good baby. Such a blessing!
Mother of 4! How did that happen!? Seriously!?
I feel so happy and so completed.

I know that this is how she always had her feet before she was born. I could always feel the little sides of her feet.

Lisa, Jill and Leslie came to meet the baby and bring presents, as did Tiffany with her girls. Adi loves babies!

Later that day Ryan went home and got all of the kids to come and meet their new sister.

Lilly is still so young, I don't think she ever really figured out that we were having another baby.
You can tell a one year old "There's a baby in my tummy" but I doubt that she believed me.
Lilly was so excited when I told her this was HER baby!
Jack was by far the least excited about having a new baby. He was very concerned about how it would change our family dynamic. Weird coming from a 5 year old. He is my sensitive guy! I think it mostly had to do with the baby being a girl.
He warmed up to her very quickly and is now her best protector.

I remember when I was young my Mom saying she was so glad she had a girl first, ME! Now I too feel so blessed to have had a girl first. Ella is such a wonderful help! I don't know how I would get through a day without her.
Have you noticed Ryan's black eye!?
He liked telling everyone that I got really nuts in labor and punched him.
The truth is a couple nights before Lilly was sitting on his lap and jumped up with her head hitting him in the eye. Left him looking pretty beat up. All from a 1 year old!
Grandpa came to see the baby. He's always loved the little ones.
Another long night at the hospital!
Couldn't wait to go home!

Ryan on the other hand got so much sleep! It was like he was on vacation!
Lola. The name I have loved forever. I wanted to name Lilly- Lola. But Ryan loved Lilly so much.
So the first day in the hospital we named our new baby Lola.
But something about it didn't feel right.
I think it mostly had to do with the fact that I thought I knew what she was going to look like.
Ella and Lilly are like clones of each other. I assumed that this baby would be no different.
But she came out looking completely different!
So then I started to rethink the name..
The day after we came home we changed her name to Isla. (Eye-la)
Which I love, but am still not too sure about.... Naming a baby is so hard!!
Especially since Ryan has given absolutely no input! He said that since he named Jack and Lilly I could have her whatever I want! I thought that was a good thing, now I'm going crazy!

The kids thought it was fun that our view from this room included horses.

Time to go home!
She looked a little terrified on the drive home.
 I can't believe we had another baby!

Lilly RAN to the car when we got home, she couldn't wait to see her baby sister!

My Mom and my two little sisters were there to welcome us.
Lilly went to everyone holding the baby and asked "I hold hur?"

I always wanted four kids and that just what I got. I could not be more thrilled!
Ryan and I feel so blessed. The Lord knows us and has a plan for us.
Although four children will (and has already) been a challenge. I feel that I have been blessed with this responsibility. These children are all I've ever wanted. Love you guys!
Now lets see if I can do it!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

Tons of photos...LOVE IT!! Wow, I am still not use to the fact that you have 4 kids. Thanks for sharing on your blog, I love hearing details.

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