Monday, July 1, 2013

June Instagrams

1. Cousin's baby blessings! Three generations
2. Who need graham crackers for smores?
4. Pool time with my girl Katrina!
5. BFF's Forever!
6. Loved our room at the Hard Rock
1. View from our room
2. BEST cake ever!
3. Time to see Le Reve!!
4. First Vegas show for the Riggs
5. It was awesome
6. Very cool
1. I'm so glad we got to see a show
2. Totally worth it
3. Serendipity frozen hot chocolate was perfect on such a hot night!
4. Cowboy Ryan
5. Crap tire
6. Waiting for the new tire with ice cream
1. Lilly has been taught right
2. to LOVE Culvers
3. 34 weeks along- only 6 more weeks to go!
4. Ryan came home with some chocolates just because!
5. Grandpa Rick and his friend Alene came to visit
6. Lilly really needs to NOT get into our bed in the mornings
1. More time with Grandpa Rick
2. I look HUGE!
3.Summer is for things like puzzles
4. Splash pad
5. Thank you Aunt Sarah for all of the fun things from Paris France!
6. Especially the chocolate. That Lilly ate most of!
7. I love that our neighbor will bring us fresh veggies from her garden
8. Cavity free! Hurray!!
9. Time to start thinking about getting ready for baby- like wash all of the baby clothes
1. Boys can like zebra! Funny that somehow they have matching blankets
2. Making tee shirts for Ella's birthday party
3. Lilly LOVES shoes
4. Someone was playing in the ash from the fire pit.
5. Maybe Jacob needs this build-a-bear for his mission?
6. Watching the parade
1. While Ella's away
2. We eat
3. PF Changs
4. Jack's first time with chop sticks
5. Lilly ate all of my soup
6. Ella practicing with her little primary choir for stake conference!
1. Happy Fathers Day Ryan
2. Cooked his own Fathers Day dinner
3. Lazy kids
4. That's what summer is for
5. Lilly loves applesauce.. all over her shirt
6. Ice cream cones
7. Ryan's only wanting to eat things that come from the earth
8. Making a new wipes case
9. And one for Mary too
1. Ella's 10th Birthday!!
2. After breakfast we went to the mall
3. And had to get ice cream
4. Lilly is the best shopping partner!
5. The aftermath of opening all of her presents. Lilly needed to get her American Girl doll too!
6. Riverwoods Circus
1. How Lilly eats her dinnner
2. Jack and Liam playing on an ipad
3. What three 10 year old's look like after staying up ALL NIGHT!
4. Ella's 10th Birthday party with Great- Grandpa and Grandma!
5. Jacob's here to go to the MTC
6. Jacob's farewell lunch!
1. Jacob's last texts to his friends
2. and last calls to Mom and Dad
3. Lilly slept in until 11
4. Lilly thinks that tomatoes are candy
5. Hanging out with friends
6. and cousin's
1. Lilly dancing in the store
2. Where's the pie?
3. Under all of the whipping cream!
4. Jack loves it too
5. Monday nights are for bachelorette (after FHE)
6. Ryan makes me a rootbeer float every night. THAT'S how I've gained so much weight this pregnancy!

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