Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

The kids have been looking forward to today..
Only so that they could say that tomorrow is Christmas!

The children woke up this morning to find Chris Mouse in the Christmas tree, waiting for Santa!
He's Santas helper who comes when the Christmas tree gets set up, to watch for Santa to make sure the children are being good. When Santa gets here on Christmas night Chris Mouse will give his report and that will determine what the children get for Christmas!
The children (ok.. and me too) are so excited for Christmas! It's going to be a good one!
Merry Christmas!
I wish that I could be with my family this holiday!
I love you all and hope to see you again soon! Know I will be thinking of you and missing you tomorrow!

The week before Christmas and all through the house

There has been a lot of packing going on around here this week!
We leave for Utah just a couple of days after Christmas, so things need to be ready before Christmas, otherwise I wont be able to enjoy the holiday.. I'll be thinking about packing and cleaning the whole time. For the most part, everything is done!
Ryan's been working hard on tiling the master bathroom and putting a fence around the pool
Why is it that we don't get things like that done until right before we move!? We have had all of the stuff to make the fence and do the tile for over a year.. and are only getting to it now!
Ella had to say goodbye to her 2nd grade class and teacher Mrs. Brown!
They had a big party on the last day of school
They had lots of treats while they watched the polar express!
Ryan and I got to help out!
Ella handed out Christmas cards, included was our new address, just in case anyone wanted to be a pen pal!
Mrs. Brown was such a great teacher to Ella! She learned so much! Mrs. Brown really worked with her and helped her SO much!
Ella will miss her teacher and friends so much, I hope she has a good teacher and will make lots of new friends in Utah!
Now that Ella is on Christmas break, she's enjoyed being able to sleep in and hang out
She's such a good big sister and helper to me and Ryan!
With so much going on here and so much needing to get done before we leave, Ella has been the BEST helper! Always there to hold open a door or hand someone a tool, she's picked all of the weeds for me too! I don't know what we would have done without her this week!
Ryan keeps telling her that Santa's been watching and knows what a good job she's been doing!
We took the kids to see Santa!
No pictures with Santa this year though. I'm not about to spend 17 bucks for one little picture
and they would NOT let me take one with my camera. SO sad.
But they were both very excited to see Santa and talk with him
Jack wasn't scared at all! He was so happy and told Santa he wanted a bike and a woody doll
Ella told Santa she wanted a skateboard, Barbie house and Wii
After we went on a little carriage ride around the mall!
The kids LOVED it!

A couple of days ago Jack brought me my camera and wanted me to take some pictures of him
Silly boy
and one of me and him together!
Sure love that little man!

Our Christmas Card this year!
I am so sorry for those who didn't get one of our Christmas cards this year!
I'll have to order more next year!
When asking who would like a card on facebook the response was amazing!
But I do hope that ALL of you have a Merry Christmas, with lots of Love!

What Christmas is really about

Our family before church
The Sundays around Christmas are always my favorite!
We had a sacrament meeting of all music
it was wonderful and peaceful
The children in their Christmas clothes. Such precious babies!

After church we drove up to Mesa to see the temple lights

Ella was being a little crazy

Poor Jack fell asleep on the drive and never woke up!!

Ryan and I

I love see thing lights. Ella LOVES seeing the lights!

On the walk back to the car, of course is when Jack woke up.
We went and walked around a little more, but it was getting late
He was very sad
It's so important to remember what Christmas is really about
Our Saviors birth
I was so happy to talk to the children (mostly Ella) as we walked around the temple talking about Jesus. Not only his birth, but his life and death and what a blessing it is to know he lives and died for us that we might be able to return to live with him and our families again

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Christmas time

Back from Utah and FINALLY got the trees up!
Ella had been asking to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween.
Don't you love Jack's outfit!? The swimming trunks crack me up! He's so into changing his clothes a million times a day. I love to see what clothing combinations he comes up with! However it feels like it's made my laundry double!

Decorating was a two or three day process.
We have a lot going on around here!
It's weird to be decorating, while at the same time packing everything up!
We leave for Utah SOON!
But it couldn't be Christmas without all of the cute decorations!
It's one of my most favorite things about the holidays!
Every year the kids get to pick out a new ornament!

Jack really is starting to understand Santa, while I'm afraid that Ella is losing it.
I have the feeling that next year I'm going to start getting asked a lot of questions about Santa and Christmas. She's growing up! And I hate it!
Jack LOVES making cookies, especially if he gets to roll out the dough!

Ella is a great cookie decorator!

We made some little gingerbread houses too!

A few nights ago we held our annual Ugly Sweater Party!!

The kids helped me get ready before going to bed!

Scotts, Bullards, Shumways, US, Riggs and jones!!
I feel like the last few weeks have been so crazy, so I'm glad we were able to take a night off for some fun!

Last year Ryan Scott had a mullet, this year a bowl cut!!

The best part of the party is always opening the white elephant gifts!!
We gave that lovely painting of the Dogs.
While walking through good will I saw it and knew I HAD to have it!
But it was 20 bucks!?
As Ella and I admired it I told her if only it had been 5 dollars, I would have got it.
Right then an employee walked by and said they would give it to me for 5!
SOO excited I sent Ryan a picture text of my find!
Only to get a text back saying there was no way we were going to give that as a white elephant gift... but that we MUST keep it for our own!!
But before anyone opened it, there was one stipulation. It must hang on a wall in your house for one whole YEAR!
The Shumways won!
It better be on your wall right now Lauren!!
All of the gifts were perfect! All very clever and funny!
(LOVE Meilssa's face!)
I really did want that shake weight....

Although we ALWAYS have a great time, it was a little bittersweet.
We're moving.. and wont be here next year.
Maybe we'll have to fly down just for the party!
Merry Christmas!!

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