Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging with the Reeds

While in town the Reeds got some shopping done, relaxed and they even took us out to Olive Garden. Now that's my kind of house guest. They spend all their time and money to come and see us and then take US out!? Yeah, that doesn't quite work out right in my brain. Next time it's totally one us guys!One of the evenings after Ella was out of school we drove up to Ryan's parents house to have a BBQ and some swim time!
Mr. K taught Ella all kinds of new tricks! He's a perfect Uncle! One of Ella's new favorite things to do Grandma and Grandmpa's

Jack's naughty face. He knows he's been caught, again, with rocks from the fire place!

Thank you Sarah and Mr. K for coming to see us! It was a long trip for you guys, but I hope it was worth it! I love you and can't wait to see you guys again soon!

FIRST day of FIRST grade

The night before the BIG day! Ella was so excited. She couldn't sleep, it was just like Christmas!Sarah and Mr.K came for a visit from ALASKA. They got here the night before her first day! These girls are so goofy with each other!The morning. It was kind of rough getting out of bed! Ella is SO NOT used to getting up early. We're move of the sleep in till 9-10 kind of family. We made Ella's favorite, pancakes, for breakfast before we were off! Doesn't Ella look so grown up!? {ok, Jack too!}
All ready for school!

Ryan had to get to work early and Sarah was nice enough to stay with Jack so I could take Ella alone.
A special Mommy daughter thing. It was nice that way. I signed in at the office and helped her walk back to her classroom. Her teacher seems very nice. We think that she and Ella are a great fit!
Ella's classroom! As the time came closer for the parents to leave Ella started feeling a bit worried. It's a totally new place, with all new faces. I stayed a little longer then I should have. It was hard for me to leave. My baby girl, gone all day long.
After school as Ella was walking with the millions of other children out the gate, her face looked so sad. She told us that she had cried, twice. She just missed us the first time, the second time she got lost. {such an Ella thing to do!} But she said really, that overall she had a great time!

See, see, look at that totally sad face. Made me want to cry too.

After a few minutes, she warmed up and was her happy self again!

Sarah and Ella
The next morning as we prepared for the day we talked about how I will always be there to pick her up and if she's ever lost she can always ask someone for help.
{crossing our fingers it'll be a good day!}
P.s. The second day was WAY better! She only cried once, because she was lost again. In the days that have followed, she's done great. No more tears. She knows her way around the new school pretty well now. She's making tons of new friends. And best of all, lunch IS just like high school musical!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet the teacher night

Can you believe that Ella is starting the FIRST grade!?
I for one can not believe it at all.
I remember first grade very well.
I hated it. Hated my teacher, my school. Everything
I hope that she has a much better experience.
This night we went to meet with her teacher.
Mrs. Clark.
She seems very nice and friendly.
Ella doesn't know anyone else in her class. Doesn't know the school. Hasn't ever eaten lunch at school before. A TON of new things to learn.
She's excited for the new challenges.
She told me that she can't wait to eat lunch in the lunchroom.
She wants to gather all of her friends and have a "Table".
Just like in high school musical.
Sooooo Ella, to want to live out a real life high school musical in first grade.
Here's hope for a fantastic year!

Swimming with Daddy

It is impossible to keep her hair out of her face these days. I so desperately want to cut it, however she tells me EVERYDAY, she wants to be Rapunzel and refuses even the smallest trim.
My Boys.

It has been so busy around here, I haven't had time for much, including showering, fixing dinner or dare I say, BLOGGING!?

These pictures were from the week that we got home from Wisconsin. A MONTH ago.

{We will never swim in that pool again, for many reasons, mostly because it was so nasty green! yucko!}

So things around here have mostly consisted of Sarah and Mr. K coming for a visit, Ella starting school and packing up this house! {all posts of their own coming}

Yes, you heard right, we are moving. {No, it's not back to Utah. Yet}

We are staying close. Just a few miles away.

Ella is so super excited to have her very own POOL!

I'm excited to have ALL walk in closets.

More to come.... someday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where have I been????

So yes, we have been home from Wisconsin for a LONG TIME. I know, I know.... I've been a huge slacker! {Does anyone even read this thing anymore!?} But things around here have been pretty busy!
I have many good excuses:
Ella starts school on MONDAY! First grade. It's ALL day. No, I mean ALL day. From 8:50am until 4pm! Holy cow, that's only one hour less then Ryan works! {well, if he ever came home on time!} That's a long day for a 6 year old! I hope it all goes well. Ok, I have to stop talking about it, I'm going to break out in sobs. I'm am terrified of my baby being away from me all day!!!! Not Cool!
Jack's still naughty. While in Wisconsin he learned how to take the car key's out to the car, find the correct key, open the door get in and TURN THE CAR OVER!!!!!! No really, we all saw him do it several times. Did I already write this? Well, I'm STILL shocked over him and his abilities to get into trouble!
Also, we are moving. We gave our 30 day notice to our landlord. We are moving into a house only 7 minutes away. We have been spending every free second of our lives over at the house getting it ready. It's ALMOST done. We are NOT going to change wards or Ella's school! More on that another time.
Other then that, things are just going.... We'll see where we end up! We are just staying positive and prayerful that things will work out for our family!

Last Wisconsin Post

Very sadly, our trip had to come to an end. We were all very sad to leave!

Now- we had been so blessed to have been given some buddy passes from our dear friends. {I so owe you guys still! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!} It was a LOT cheaper to fly that way. But it was a little tricky too.

We were going to fly home Saturday, but it didn't look so good, neither did Sunday. Oh darn, we had to stay another two days! {wink wink}

Monday night was when we actually drove down to Chicago, but didn't make the flight. Ella had been praying, yes, praying that we would not make the flight so that we could go and stay with Grandma in a hotel. She was not disappointed. We went out to eat at our favorite place, the cheesecake factory, did some shopping and then found an inexpensive hotel near the airport. The kids were in heaven jumping on the beds.

The next morning we tried for another flight, missing it once again. But that we OK, we just walked right over to another flight going to Vegas. There were several other people that had been waiting just like us, trying to get a flight to Phoenix.

We all made the Vegas flight, in fact we got bumped to FIRST CLASS! It was so awesome! It was very early in the morning and so we were served a wonderful breakfast! Both kids fell asleep. The seats were so huge that Jack could even sit in the seat next to me without being the least bit squished. They slept the whole time and I read my book. It was hands down the best flight I've ever had. EVER!

However, of course, there is always a however. The flight from Vegas to Phoenix was terrible!!!! I wont go into the details, but it involved having to change a very stinky diaper, it terrible turbulence with a flight attendant that who was so rude! {I should have caught her name and told on her} I'm so glad that the good flight was the 3 hour one and the bad flight was the 40 minute one and not the other way around!!

But no matter what, it was all worth it! I loved being in Wisconsin. I loved seeing and BEING with my family! I missed them all the second I left!

So a HUGE thank you to- Mom and Dad for having us there, putting us up, spoiling us rotten and just being the best parents and grandparents of all time! We all LOVE being in Wisconsin with you guys! {You never know, we could move there someday!}

Also a thank you to our pilot friend and his lovely wife! {I'm not naming names, because then you will ALL call them and want their help, because they are totally awesome!} We could NOT have gone out there without your help! Really!!! Thank you, thank you!

To EVERYONE- We loved seeing you and being in Wisconsin, but now it's your turn to come and see us! We always have a bed, or two or three available to anyone who wants to come and visit!

{Sarah and Mr. K are getting here in just days and Mary just weeks! They took us up on our offer, you should to!}

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