Monday, April 28, 2014

What a crazy week!

Ryan has really gotten into dirt-bike riding. My Dad warned me before he moved here that he would be getting Ryan into trouble, boy was that the truth! But at the same time I've always wanted Ryan to find a hobby that he would be passionate about. And he is! He watched videos on how to be a better rider, where the best trails are, anything dirt-bike!
With so much going on Easter weekend, I wanted to have a little family dinner- Just my little family.
There were so many years that we celebrated holidays alone, I guess I'm just not used to having so much family around.
This little baby is the chubbiest baby I've ever had!
This week while at Jack's soccer practice it was a pretty windy. So I decided to take Lila to the car. I was sitting in the drivers seat, watching the children play outside- when I feel liquid dripping on my leg. Sure enough Lila had my soda can upside down spilling everywhere! I quickly grabbed the car not realizing that her two little fingers were actually inside the can... Her fingers were cut pretty bad. My Mom and Jacob rushed over and Mom and I took Lila to the emergency room.
She didn't get any stitches, but they bandaged her up really good. She needed to keep it on for a few days. I hope it heals well and quickly. I felt so bad, poor baby!!
Sometimes she just yells "Mom take my picture!" How can I resist!?
My hair was getting so long.. I couldn't even reach behind to curl it. Thanks for the trim Lisa!
It might still be pretty long, but to me if feels SO short!
My drive everyday. There could be worse.
Since Lila is getting bigger we've been introducing more and more foods. She loves everything! There's nothing this girl wont eat!
I love these jammies, because my girls are so sweet!
Such happy cute girls. I can't help but have them matching!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ella Starts Swim

With Jack starting soccer and soon T-ball I asked Ella what activity she would like to do.
She's not into dance or cheer. She really wanted to join the swim team.
So I called around and she really needed to pass off all levels of swim lessons first.
So we signed her up.
She was so excited and loved picking out a special swimming suit and goggles.

She has the best teachers. They really are amazing. She's learning so much and will be ready for the next swim team tryouts!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter morning! We have church early, so the Easter bunny didn't make it to our house until after.
I love Easter Sunday. It's my very favorite Sunday of the year. 
I am so thankful for my savior, for his love and sacrifice. I'm so thankful for the atonement.
I'm so glad that we all got to start the day off right at church, reminding us what Easter is really about.
The kids always want to super expensive pre-made baskets at all of the grocery stores that are filled with junk. This year I wrapped their baskets in cellophane. They liked that a lot.

LOVE their faces! That's why I do what I do :)
Ella got the colored pencils and sketch pads she's been dying for.
Jack got a Skylander and dominoes
Lilly's whole basket was Frozen! I LOVE how she loves everything!
Lila got some rompers for the summer and a Sophia the giraffe. 

Then it was time to go outside and collect ALL of the eggs! Lilly was a lot less picky then she was at the community egg hunt.
I can't wait to move, yes we are moving. No more outside pictures with that stupid air conditioner!

I love that Ella had to jump to get the eggs high up the wall. That clever Easter bunny! ;)
So many eggs Jack's basket couldn't hold them all!
I told the kids that sometimes the Easter bunny will leave a golden egg with an extra special surprise.
Ella was the lucky one who found it- with a dollar bill inside
I don't think Lilly ate anything other then chocolate the whole day!

Lilly loved finding all of the eggs! There were even a few inside the house too.

Ryan took this of me trying to wrangle up all of the kids..

I loved that I was able to find Lilly a little dress to go with Ella's.
After some clean up we drove up to my parents house for a nice dinner.
Then I decided to take a couple of pictures of Lila in her little bunny hat one last time.

My sweet little Easter Bunny!
Then all of the grand-kids got ready for an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpas

Jack got a few too many and decided to put some back.. Jude found that the easiest.

Later Ryan, Adam, Jacob, Dad, Anna, Ella and Jack went and played some soccer at the park.
Everything was great until Adam got Jacob in his man bits and then it was time to go home.
We played some games and are more.
It was such a long, fun, amazing day.
Happy Easter everyone!
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