Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lilly's 8 Month Pictures

The other day (After Ella's field day) we were all outside enjoying the beautiful weather and I decided that since Lilly was 10 days away from being 9 months old I would snap a few shots of her.
She was mad though and wanted to crawl away

I love her expression in this one.. so Lilly
They she hurt her foot on the cement so we looked for a better spot to hang out. (and where the grass wasn't so wet!)
Yep, Jack wanted another picture with him and Lilly.
I"m not sure if it's because he loves her so much or because he's feeling left out.

Finally a good smile!!! 

Ella and her friends came over and wanted to help take some pictures. I love this one too...
Since Ella was excited to take some pictures and I happened to be matching Lilly, I hopped into some pictures too!

A couple of the candid shots Ella took, she took a lot. 
Thanks for you help Ella!
Happy eight months Lilly, it's almost over.
9 months here she comes!!

Ella's Field Day at School

On one of the last days of school was Ella's field day. All afternoon they did fun and active things. (I couldn't make it for those) Later on in the day they had a firetruck come to spray all of the kids with the huge water hose!
Ella is the one in the middle with the yellow top!
It was a nice hot day for getting wet. Ella loved it!

Everyone was sad when they had to turn it off. Thank you firemen!! 

Ella and her friend Mason. 
I love that her school does so many fun things like this!!

Let Her Eat Cake

Lilly was just a l-i-t-t-l-e excited about eating this cake. Two days earlier I had given her a whole cupcake and she demolished it so quickly I ended up giving her another one. Not only did she smash them, she at the whole thing! So by now, she knew what she was getting herself into.
A couple of nibbles and a lick

By this point she started getting a little more crazy and getting it into her hair

After all of the cake was gone and Lilly was sufficiently covered in chocolate frosting it was time for a bath... in the sink!

She hadn't ever taken a bath in the sink before. She loved it! She wouldn't get out!

Then Jack said he wanted me to take some pictures of him eating cake, silly boy. I thought it was funny, he starts eating it from the middle!?

The next afternoon I snapped a couple of pictures of Ryan with Lilly and Jack. He's a good Daddy and loves his kids. They love him too.

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