Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ella's Dance Day/ Roasting Marshmallows

Every year Ella's school has a Dance Day where each of the grades perform a dance they learned.
Ella couldn't wait!! This is her principal making some announcements. 

Lilly watched...... and I tried to keep her from rolling down the hill!!
Lately Jack has wanted to take lots of pictures with Lilly
I don't know how on earth this boy is so tan already!!
Of course Jack was a little nervous about the mascots, until he saw the mask lift up and that it was a 12 year old little boy inside!!
Each grade did something different- This is second grade
Finally is was 3rd grades turn!!
Ella is back row middle. Standing right in front of the tent/ with a hat on- long white sleves
Ella has many talents, dancing is something she has to work on more then others.
Of course Jack wanted me to take some video of him dancing too!

All done! All year end performances are done. She only has field day and a movie day left before she's out for the summer!!
She wanted a picture with me. Thank you photographer Jack!

Lilly has really started to become more animated when she laughs! I love it!
It was such a random day! On our way home from school we saw this HUGE sand twister- or whatever you call it!? I happened to have my camera in the seat next to me.This picture doesn't do it justice. I was so afraid that it would run into our car! But it didn't.. thankfully!
Later that night we roasted some marshmallows.
Sami and Tyler were watching Tyler's two youngest siblings- Libby and Joseph- for a couple of days and they thought it would be fun to come over and have a little fire.
Joseph is younger then Ella, which seems weird to me. Then I remember that Sami has a little brother even younger. My kids are older then their siblings. I am getting so old!!
Sami tried to hold Jack back from running into the fire. He's crazy!
Lilly loved being outside and feeling like she was a big kid. She kept trying to fall out of her chair, so Daddy helped her stay put.

See, again Jack wanted a picture with Lil...
She has really loved spending time with her Daddy lately. She said he first work yesterday- of course it was Dada!

It was such a long day, but it was such a nice night, perfect for roasting marshmallows. Thanks again Sami and Tyler! (Lilly loves to eat marshmallows!)

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