Monday, May 28, 2012

UVU Baseball game

Several weeks ago when I picked Ella up from school as she walked toward the car I could tell she was holding something behind her back. She ran up to me and said 
"MOM! I am so excited! Do I have something for you! I don't know if you're going to cry, or scream..... I got tickets to a UVU baseball game!!!!!!"
"Uh, okay..."
"Mom, why aren't you crying?"
Ella was just a little excited! Knowing Ryan had to work that night I was thinking that it might not be such a fun thing to do with three kids alone. But Ella never forgot and couldn't wait to go.
It was a hot evening, but it ended up being a lot of fun.
Even though there is a sign (right next to Jack) that says don't touch the wall, Jack really wanted to. I guess I'm not a good Mom since I let him break the rules.
There was a group of older boys, maybe 10-12 who were sitting on the grass with their baseball caps and their mitt's. Jack so badly wanted to be one of them. He kept running down the hill to sit by them, inching his bottom closer and closer until one of the older boys would turn and look at him. Then Jack would run back up to us.

You can see Jack in the bottom right picture.
He actually really likes baseball. Awhile ago when he did a little class at the rec center that included soccer, football and baseball, he showed the most interest and talent in baseball. Next year he's totally going to have to take T ball!
Later as the sun started setting and we all started getting a little too hot we walked up into the stands to find a seat in the shade.
You can see Jack took more then a couple trips to the water fountain. 
Jack loved looking at the program and wanted to take it home and hang on his bedroom wall.

It was a pretty good game, lots of exciting things.
We were winning most of the game, until the 7th inning when we went home. Baseball games are so long! And I needed to get the kids in bed. I guess that in the end we lost. Dang.
Ella was excited to get a picture with  UVU's Willy.
Of course Jack was a little hesitant. But finally decided to be brave and pose for a picture as well.
Crazy Jack!
So in the end we all had fun and were glad we went. I guess I'm getting used to taking three kids with me everywhere I go. I think that we'll go again sometime since our pass of all passes get us into every game for free anyways, but maybe next time Ryan will be able to come too.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

So sad we missed it with you. Looks like it was FUN! Hope we can go another time.

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