Monday, May 28, 2012

Lisa's 30th Birthday Party

A couple of months ago while talking with Lisa about turning the big # 3 0  I joked that I would plan and carry out a "Channing Tatum" birthday party for her.
Lisa LOVES Channing. (From the movies- Step up, 21 jump street and the Vow)
I'm not sure if she knew how serious I was at the time. I was VERY serious!

It was so much fun planning and creating all of the funny decorations!
I photo-shopped Lisa into about 20 different pictures with Channing.

We all pitched in and made Cafe Rio salads. We played a Channing Tatum trivia game I made. That was funny, Lisa already knew quite a big about him!

Then we played a version of pin the tail on the donkey/ kiss Channing on the lips game.
I think I won!
Lisa got him right on the chin and Tiffany and Kim both kissed him in the exact same spot!!

Seriously, you guys were CRAZY that night!!!!!!

Lisa posed with her Channing posters. All of which she got to take home with her. 
I'm sure all of our husbands think we are so silly, I guess we are.
I wonder what Jake thinks of all these posters! 
Did you put one on the ceiling above your bed!? Hahahah!
Happy 30th Lisa!!!!
Lisa ended up coming over the next night too. 
The boys were having fun playing outside pretending to be superheros! 
I love that Jack's weapon on choice is a cell phone.. what is he going to do? Call them to death?

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