Monday, May 28, 2012

Ella's School Choir Performance

Earlier this year Ella heard there was a school choir and desperately wanted to join.
I called the school who told me that you had to be in 4th grade to be in the choir, but said that I could talk to the music director about next year. Which of course I did. However as I was talking with her on the phone she asked, well who is your daughter. When I told her Ella, she knew exactly who she was and said that she would make an exception for sweet little Ella and let into choir this year. Ella was overjoyed! So it was finally the end of year performance! Ella was so excited for me to come and watch!
(Ella is center/left middle row)
I was sad I could hardly see Ella's little head sticking out from behind everyone else. She sang with all her heart! I'm SO SAD that I forgot our little video camera.....
After the choir performance I started packing everything up as the principal started making some other announcements. Suddenly he called out Ella's name!!!! He was handing out awards and Ella was one of the recipients! I had NO IDEA! and neither did she! I was so happy I was there to see her accept her award for academic achievement! She was one of the most improved over the year.

We are so proud of Ella and all of her hard work this year in school! We are so grateful for all of her amazing teachers who helped her achieve her goals! I LOVE Ella's school!
Ethan, Annabelle and Ella.
The school year is almost over and summer break is almost here!!!

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