Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jacob Leaves for his Mission!

Ryan and I waited at the airport. Ready to pick Jacob up!
Jacob always talked about going on a mission. He even got up in sacrament meeting once and told everyone they had nothing to worry about, that no matter what- he would serve a full time mission.
As the years went by and soon it was very close he went through a couple of months where he was a little unsure. That's when he came to live with us in Utah last year. 
He got a job and met some really great guys, all of which were planning to go on missions themselves. I'm so happy that Jacob met them and was able to relate to them.
Ultimately Jacob decided that going on a mission was indeed the right choice for him.
This past February- THIS happened! 
BRAZIL!! So exciting!! He wanted to go to another county and speak another language. 
He got his wish! He was due to go into the Brazil MTC in June.
BUT.... as it sometimes happens, all of his paperwork didn't go through in time. At the last second they called to say that he would enter the PROVO MTC!
That meant we got to see him one more time before he left.
He looked and seemed different since I had seen him last, six months before almost to the day.
More grown up, more sure of himself. All good things.
We stopped by the house that Mom and Dad are planning on moving into in just a couple of days!
The family as still in the process of moving out and were kind enough to let us walk through and show Jacob where his family will be living while he's away.
Jacob also wanted to stop by his favorite- In-in-out for his last American fast food!
Jack sure loves his Uncle Jacob and looks up to him SO much!
Jack always says that he wants to work at Target and go on a mission to Brazil when he's older too.

His last night before going into the MTC!
These guys will be so grown up by the time he gets home, not to mention the 4 more babies to be born!
The next morning we all relaxed with Jacob. Ryan had to run into work for a little bit so he took Jack.
Jack was THRILLED! They got donuts and Jack played on Ryan's ipad while he had to wait around. Poor Jack had to wait a lot longer then Ryan planned. But overall he had a great time, going to work with his Dad.
They got home just in time to pick us up and take Jacob to his farewell lunch!
By the time we got to the restaurant Jacob was starting to get really nervous. He hardly ate at all.

The little kids had fun playing together.
Andrew and Sarah
Ryan and Ella
Candice and Jacob
Sami, Great-Grandpa and Grandma
Alissa, Abby, Rachel and baby Highland.
It was so nice that we were able to get together to support Jacob.
(Lilly's really naughty in restaurants now!)
After a while you could tell that Jacob was getting more and more nervous. He couldn't sit down anymore and kept feeling like he was going to be sick.

The Whittakers and Great-Grandpa and Grandma said their goodbyes.
Jacob looks so much like Grandpa!
We had a little time before he actually needed to be dropped off, so we drove to the Provo temple to say our goodbyes and take some pictures.
There were SO MANY other people there, doing the same thing!

Jacob made his last calls....
And then it was time to go!
Some of the group stayed at the temple while the rest of us drove Jacob to the MTC.
We was SO ready!
Jacob hopped out of the car right away and started getting his things.
Everyone could tell that he was happy to be there. That maybe the anticipation was the hardest part.
Ryan kept things light with his humor, telling other missionaries that he was there to "pick up, not drop off" that made things a lot better.
I know some people think that just dropping him off at the curb would be sad, but I really liked it. 
Not as much time to get emotional and upset.

Time to say goodbye. We all took our turn giving Jacob a huge hug!

Sarah had the hardest time keeping it together.

Jack didn't want to say goodbye. He wanted to go with Jacob and see what the MTC is all about.

Then Jacob turned and walked away... off on his grand adventure!!
(He's the tall guy with the suit coat on!)
As we drove away we got one last glance of him walking away!
I am SO proud of Jacob!!
I will miss him so much, but I know he's doing the right thing in serving the Lord.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ella's Bowling Party

This is what three ten year old's look like after a night of partying!
Sarah said that the last time she yelled at them to be quiet was around 6am.
Oh. My. Goodness!
After sleeping in until after 11, the girls only had a few minutes to get ready to go!
It was so fun to have Maisy, Emma and Liam get to join the party!
Cousin's always make things more fun!
Ella wanted so badly to make tee shirts for everyone. Although they weren't what I had hoped, it was still fun.
Ella and all of her very best friends!

Everyone got a goodie bag- which included socks. I knew some girls would come in flip flops!
Everyone picked out a bowling ball and had some pizza.
The boys!
It look a little bit, but soon Lilly loved Aunt Sarah

Time to start bowling!!

Ella has her own "special" technique.

It was so fun to have "happy birthday" or a picture of Ella pop up on the screen!

Jack is a master bowler!! He loves it and isn't so bad!

Lilly only took a couple of turns, but boy did she love it!
Of course being in a new place was so much fun for Lilly. She loved exploring all of the cool stuff she could get into.
She was also a puppy for most of the party....

Ella had wanted a bowling party for a couple of years now, I'm glad we were finally able to make it happen for her.
The bowling alley was so sweet! 
They gave us this pin and had everyone write on it for Ella!
Of course Ryan had to get in on some of the action! 
He challenged Great-Grandpa to a game.
Great- Grandpa kicked BUTT!!!
Out of all the girls Avery won!
Which was extra funny due to her twisted ankle and having never bowled before!
Present time!!

It was so fun to have Great- Grandpa and Grandma surprise Ella and come to her party!

10 years old!!

It was such a fun day!! And so much better then having a party at the house. So much less prep and clean up!
When we got home later that day... I caught someone getting into the leftover cake!
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