Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Eggs and Hunt

Easter seemed to sneak up on me this year since we had just been in Arizona.
We finally colored our Easter eggs. Jack and Ella loved it. What a mess though!
Every year that we have lived in Utah I have taken the kids to a really fun Easter egg hunt down in Mapleton with Lisa and her family. So we were really sad when we found out they weren't doing it this year!
Lisa looked online and found that Provo city was putting on a good one and we could meet at instead.
The kids and I get there a little early, which was such a good thing! There wasn't only an Easter egg hunt, but also face painting and jumpy castles and baby animals!
Ella wouldn't smile, she said that bunny's can't smile. But she was wiggling her nose.
Jack at first didn't want to get his face painted, but finally decided after seeing Ella that he would.

We were just walking around, checking things out, when suddenly Jack grabbed my leg and wouldn't let me walk any farther. I look up to see a huge chipmunk with bunny ears on. Jack fears all people in costume.
However, I am a VERY MEAN MOM. I hauled him over there. 
Once he knew nothing was scary he was fine and even WANTED a picture!
They got to pet some baby chicks and ducklings.
There were calf's and sheep too.
Lilly was just happy to hang out in the stroller since it was kind of chilly that early in the morning.
Lisa and her family came for a little while too. We thought it was funny that the girls were wearing the same shirt! Look how much taller Paige is!
Brielle loved Lilly and wanted to give her lots of hugs and kisses.
Posing for a picture with the Easter bunny
The kids (Jack especially) loved the fire truck!
After getting to do all of the fun activities there was still a little while before the Easter egg hunt began, so we got a pizza and ate some lunch in the park
Silly kids! Almost time to go!

Ella had to be in the bigger kid area. All of the kids were only suppost to get five eggs each. Jack decided to disregard that information and came back with several more then five. Which ended up being a good thing since Ella could only get two!
It was such a fun day. As I drove home I thought, these are the days that I'm so happy to be a mother to these special, sweet children.

I don't have a Nanny, I have a Sami- which is so much better

Poor Lil-lil fell asleep in her high chair. So cute!
Sami comes over almost everyday, even if only for a few minutes. She's got to get a "Lilly" fix before she goes to work and we live right on the way. Sometimes I think we needed to move back to Utah just so we could  live close to Sami. One day a couple of weeks ago I had a photo-shoot and didn't have anyone to watch my kids. It was pictures for a friend and so I just decided to take them along. On my way to the shoot and feeling very tired and stressed out I got a call from Sami- wondering where we were and what we were up to. I told her that I was taking all three kids to the shoot so she hopped into her car and came along. She sat in my car holding Lilly and taking care of wild Jack and Ella for two hours. Just to be nice. Then on the way home Lilly started crying and everyone was tired. I needed to go to the grocery store and get some milk and the pharmacy to get a prescription. Well again, on my way Sami called me and said that she would get everything for me. Of course after her watching my kids in the hot car all day I said I would get everything. She could hear Lilly crying and I'm sure the stress in my voice and told me- too bad, she was already there and getting everything. Seriously, I'm so lucky to have her! Not only does she love my kids and help me on an almost daily basis, she's one of my best friends! Love you Sami!
Jack is still addicted to the wii. I can't wait for summer to get this kid outside!
It's my new favorite thing to take pictures of Lilly when she wakes up from her nap!

Lilly's 7 month Pictures/ Easter Pictures

I always thought this bunny hat was funny!
But Lilly looks so cute, my sweet little bunny.
My favorite.
She got those bottom two teeth!

Seven months already gone by. My sweet tiny girl. She only weights 14 pounds!

Love love LOVE my little lady!

Lazy Day

I guess that Jack and Lilly were totally worn out.
I don't know how my kids can always sleep in such weird positions

I like to think that most of the time I "have it together"  the reality is that most of the time I don't.
Lilly waking up for her nap with greasy hair and no pants on.
I still thought she was so cute! Ella and Jack weren't good about sleeping in their crib, so having a baby who is, is quite different. I love going to get her from a nap and find her standing up holding the side of the crib, waiting for me.
Ok, I had to comb her hair a little and add a bow for a couple more pictures.
I love that very last one. Hehehe!

Sandy's Funeral

I have struggled trying to post about this.
 It was such a nice trip and we had a lot of fun, but it was also so hard and very sad for our family.
Ryan's Mom had skin cancer.
She fought really hard for almost a year.
The end of March she passed away.
Within a couple of days Ryan and I and the kids flew down to Arizona for the funeral.
The one good thing, one.. about having a long term illness is being able to prepare for what is to happen.
We tried to prepared as much as we could. We told Ella and Jack the night before we flew out.
They knew she had been sick for a while and might die. They took the news very well. They asked questions for two hours that night. We read a book about what happens after we die and about how we are an eternal family and that we will see Grandma Sandy again someday. 
It was still hard when we got to Sandy's house. It felt like she had just run to the grocery store and would be back any second. There were a couple of times I was sitting on the couch or walking down the hallway and I thought I heard her walking behind me, or walking behind the couch. Maybe she was.
Many might not know how sensitive Ryan really is.
The second night we were there it finally hit him that his Mom was gone.
It was so hard watching my sweet husband go through that terrible grief and pain.
I will never forget that.
All of the sweet little cousin's enjoyed playing together.
The weather was wonderful!

Ella loved being with Tori again! 
The funeral was so beautiful.
Everyone who participated in the program was wonderful and brought such a sweet spirit to the room.
I especially loved Elliott's sketch of Sandy's life, he did such a good job of talking about who she really was and celebrated her life. 
Ryan thought that the burial would be the hardest part for him, but it wasn't. As we gathered as a family one last time before closing the casket, that ended up being the toughest part for him. Such a finalizing moment for him.
For me I knew the viewing would be the hardest and I was right. Thankfully Sandy's dear friend was there to comfort me when I needed it.
 The kids did wonderful. Ella only got upset once. When we told her that Sandy had passed we told her that if she wanted to, she could go to the viewing. After thinking it over for quite a long time she decided she would like to go. The morning of the funeral. Ryan took Ella alone. He wanted it to be a special thing between him and Ella. I think it was a good thing for her. Although she did cry a little she was happy she got to experience that.
After everything the family and some close friends came back to the church building for a lunch.
The ward there was so wonderful about everything. They even made some chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the kids.
Lilly  and her Daddy

Lauren, Joseph and their family were able to attend the viewing the night before.
It helped to release some of the stress of the night having some of our good friends there to support us.
Justin and Katrina were able to come along for everything. 
It was so nice of them there and such a comfort for Ryan to have his best bud there for him.
Poor Katrina lost her father suddenly very recently, she knows all too well the pain Ryan was going through.
I thought it was so sweet when Ryan asked that Justin stand near him at the burial, anticipating it being hard for him. Ryan knew that Justin would be a comfort to him. To Ryan, Justin is much more then just a friend, he's like a brother.
These girls are so grown up!
Ryan and I with baby Lilly
Grady (Jack calls him Gravy!) Gavin, Jack and Jolie
Happy baby!
Zach is the oldest grandchild and always so helpful with the little ones. He loved holding Lilly.
The kids had fun sliding on the slippery floors. Jolie was a crazy girl!
All of the Bailey grandchildren (which is already outdated with Melissa having her new baby girl- Skye!)
Grandpa with the two youngest grand-babies, Lilly and Miles
Rick with all of his children minus Danielle 
The whole Bailey clan, again minus Danielle
Grandpa Rick with all of his grandchildren 

The rest of the time we were there we just spend time together as a family.
It was very nice playing games and looking at all of the Bailey family photos.
On the last day there we had the kids go on a little Easter egg hunt.
We hadn't ever done that with the Bailey side before.

Grandpa with Lilly

I am so glad that we were able to go and spend some time with Ryan's family.
The kids were very sad that this was the last time they would ever get to visit that house, as Rick is planning on selling it. We hope that every year for Sandy's birthday we can travel down to Arizona to be with Ryan's Dad and family.
The last day Ryan planned a lunch with the Riggs.
They are such good people whom we love so dearly!
Thanks for everything you guys! Love you!
We didn't have to feel too sad about leaving, within a month both Rick and the Riggs will be in Utah!!
One of the last pictures we have with Sandy. She loved and cherished her grandchildren. 

I am so happy that one of the things our little family was able to keep of Sandy's was this nightgown! HA! She always wore nightgowns!

Of course LOVES hot tubs!

Probably my most favorite picture of Sandy with the kids

We will all miss Sandy. I will miss her so much. She was such a big part of my life for 10 years and the mother to my wonderful husband. I will be happy to see her again someday.
Sandy's Obituary
Sandra Fay Buzbee Bailey, age 63, a resident of Mesa and former resident of Paradise Valley, passed away in her home under hospice care on Thursday morning, March 22, after a valiant and nearly year-long battle with cancer. Her husband was by her side at her death. Sandra was born February 11, 1949, in Omaha, Nebraska, the daughter of George William Buzbee and Geradline Utha Black. She attended elementary, junior high and high school in Omaha and graduated from North High School. She also took one year of classes at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Sandra worked for a time as a nurse's assistant at Clarkson Hospital in Omaha and then in 1971 moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to work at Latter-day Saint Hospital. While in Salt Lake City, she met Rickard Dee Bailey at a local dance, where their romance was born, and nine months later the couple was married. They received their endowments in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple and on June 15, 1972, they were married in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, LDS temple. During nearly 40 years of marriage the couple had five children, two girls and three boys, and faced life's challenges and rewards together, always creating a dynamic partnership. Because of Rickard's work in publishing and Sandra' penchant for remodeling luxury houses, the family moved numerous times. At different periods of their life they enjoyed houses in Tucson, Paradise Valley and Mesa, AZ, Park City and Deer Valley, UT, Rosarita Beach, Baja, Mexico, Carlsbad, CA, and Gig Harbor, WA. Sandra was devoted to her children and involved in school, church, social and athletic endeavors. Despite this devotion, she found time to author a bestselling Baby Name Book and to buy, renovate, decorate and sell over 26 different houses. She was also active in her faith and served in numerous callings, including Relief Society President, Young Women's President, Primary Counselor, Sunday School Teacher and Seminary Teacher. She was a very faithful Visiting Teacher. She directed many youth talent and road shows and had a beautiful singing voice. Sandra was a charismatic and engaging person, always smiling and laughing, and quick to talk to a stranger or lend a hand to help. Wherever she went, Sandra brought light and life and fun. Survivors are her husband, Rickard, five children: Sasha Bailey Offen of Surprise, AZ; Andre Bailey of Phoenix; Elliott Bailey of Omaha; Ryan Bailey of Lehi, UT; and Danielle Bailey of Tempe; as well as 9 grandchildren. She is also survived by two brothers, Daniel Buzbee of Omaha and Richard Buzbee of Indianapolis, IN, and a sister, Nancy Golson of Omaha. Sandra was preceded in death by her father and mother. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, March 27, at 10:00 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Las Sendas Ward Building, located at 7752 E. McDowell Road in Mesa, with Bishop David Johnson officiating. Viewings will be held on Monday evening from 5 to 7 pm at Mountain View Funeral Home, 7900 E. Main Street, Mesa, and one hour before funeral services at the church. Burial will immediately follow the funeral at Mountain View Cemetery in Mesa. 

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