Sunday, February 28, 2010


A couple of days ago Jack brought me my camera {big no no} and pulled my hand to follow him outside.
He wanted me to take pictures of him, no joke.
My kids always love a good jumping picture!

What a goof.
I'm just glad that he likes having his picture taken!
Maybe it's Ella's turn again now.
Really, I want new family pictures.
I have a HUGE wall that needs something on it!
Anyone in the mood to come and help me with that sometime?
All you have to do is push a button, I will do the rest ;)
Time to go inside....

More of Baby Claire.....

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Sunday morning it was so RAINY!
It felt nice to have a little winter back after a couple of HOT days.
After church the kids and I went outside to enjoy what will certainly be one of the last bits of cold we'll have for a long while.
I'm going to miss winter terribly.

Jack was so excited! Ella was so excited!
I was excited that I had just bought him those galoshes the day before for 2 bucks!
{Kohl's is awesome!}

Ella loved to speed walk through the gutters, the water would splash up all over her!
It was surprisingly nice outside, not too cold. Just the right cold for playing outside... in the rain!

There was lots of jumping as well!
Look at how high she jumps!

It was nice when the sun would peek out.

Pretty Belly Bug!

Snot nosed stinker... who's pretty cute too.

Jack decided to do some raking while he was outside.
Look at all of our lovely weeds. They are all gone now. ;)
Spring is here!

What happens when someone isn't ready to come in the house for dinner.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Claire

Congratulations Joseph and Lauren!
To see more go HERE!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Presidents Day

After spending most of the day working in the yard and running errands we were so happy that our friends- the Riggs, called us and invited us to go hang out with them!
We went to a park and fed ducks! They are really well fed ducks!

D & G

Dakota {Ella's future husband}

She almost got them to eat out of her hand!

He's such a stinker!!!!!!!

After some yummy Mexican dinner we went home to roast some marshmallows!
That's what I got Ryan for Valentines day. He got me a beautiful real pear necklace, ear rings and bracelet!
They are lovely, I've been wearing them everyday!
It was so funny to me, Ryan and I were talking, he told me that he got my necklace for SUPER cheap. After much research and looking online he found it for a steal of a deal! The funny thing was that he thought that would make me like the gift less. Like he needed to pay full price, like it would mean more. I feel the exact opposite! It means more to me that he didn't just walk into a store and grab the first thing that he saw and overpaid. Instead he researched and got the best deal and to me, that makes the gift even better! I told him not to sweat, I did the same thing for his gift, plus coupons!
It made me so happy to know that not only did we get something wonderful for each other, but both of us were SUPER frugal! Some people might think that we're cheap, we're smart!

He's so into weird poses right now!


You can see the smoke in a lot of the pictures. So weird. Also Ryan's face. So weird.

Some of bestest friends!!!

This was Jacks first time roasting marshmallows.
He LOVED it!
He was pretty careful and good about doing what we told him... for once.
My Mom and Dad always have BBQ's with fun things like fire pits, although theirs is just a little bit larger ;) I'm happy that we are carrying on the traditions!

We had such a fun day...

Thanks Riggs!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

Ryan and I were so happy to be able to go out for Valentines Day!
{On Saturday night} We got a sitter for the children, went out, had some good food and enjoyed being together!
We actually got each other gifts this year too! Something that hasn't ever happen before! More on those later....
Tonight we were talking about our courtship and the events leading up to our marriage.
There were times that I prayed, PRAYED to marry Ryan. I loved him so much!
And I've very happy to say, nothing has changed. I love him even more now and I know that he loves me.
We're a good team. We're doing pretty good :)
We have spent 9 Valentines together now.

Of course on Sunday morning the Valentines Fairy had come and left many treats and goodies for the children.
{I think it's funny that somehow they were both wearing their CHRISTMAS jammies!}

I wouldn't let them eat any candy until they had eaten breakfast first, but that was ok since I made heart shaped pancakes!

Ella helped me make the all of the heart garland!
I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Especially since we've never really had any Valentines decorations before.

After church the children pained the birdhouses they got from the Valentines Fairy.
It was a HUGE hit!

Ella's and Jack's

After family home evening {we have it on Sunday's in our house} the kids decorated some sugar cookies!
Jack made a huge mess! He even dumped out a huge thing of sprinkles all over the carpet. Ryan spent hours making sure it was all vacuumed up!
Jack doesn't have a very good track record with sprinkles. When am I going to learn my lesson!?
I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day
Thank you for all of the many wonderful cards and packages! {you know who of you are! :) }
Happy Valentines Day!

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