Friday, February 29, 2008

She couldn't wait another second

The weather here has been a little better then past weeks. It reached 40 degrees and most of the snow has melted. So... this afternoon when Ella saw some kids outside she raced to get her shoes on! It was Jack's first time to the park. He didn't care for it much. Ella has been trying to figure out the monkey bars thing for a while now and it seems like she's getting pretty close. Although it was colder then she was thinking and we didn't stay long. She was so happy to be able to ride her bike!

I can't help that the child is adorable


It's not very long in a child's life, especially a boys life that you're able to take nudy shots without it being distasteful. Jack had an "accident" so we though it would be cute to take some pictures, since he was already in his birthday suit.

Sister's Birthday

Ella already enjoying the cookies

Sister with her birthday card from Ella

This morning Ella came down stairs in a panic. "Mom, I forgot today is sister's birthday!" Now sister is her American Girl doll who she loves dearly. I'm not sure how it worked out to be her birthday today, but we got her a card and made her a cookie cake anyway. Ella helped her blow out the candle. Now sister is 4 just like Ella. I'm sure that it will be sister's birthday again real soon. (Of course I threw in some Jackson pictures.. I can't help it)

cAr RiDe

Ella is always wanting to do different things with Jack, like taking him for a ride in her little car. She wanted to try holding him while standing, but her arms got too tired. She loves being a big sister so much.

3 Months Old

Pretty content
Getting a little tired
starting the drool
Alright, that's enough!

My tiny baby is three months old. I don't want him to grow up and be a big boy. I wish that he could stay little forever. Although it is fun to see his new tricks like rolling over, blowing spit bubbles and getting even closer to laughing.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Last of the Arizona trip

Last time when we were in Arizona for Christmas I only took a couple of pictures, I didn't want to do that this time... I think I may have taken too many pictures this time. Because then I want to post them all! We had such a fun and relaxing time.


Since Ryan was unable to see Jack in the spa the first time he wanted to take him in again. It was so sweet, Jack loves the water. His cousin Jolie went in for the first time. She's only 5 weeks old.

Ella is a Fishy

On our last day there Ryan and Ella spent the entire day in the spa. Ryan kept trying to teach her how to swim and I have to say that he did a very good job! She is such a better swimmer now! I thought that it was cute when he was trying to teach her how to snorkel!

Hot tub for the whole family

Shark Shorts!

The Family

Ryan's parents just built a new pool and spa! It's so fun because the whole family could fit in the spa together! It was Jack's first time in any kind of pool. He LOVED it! He was so relaxed!

Train Park

Can hardly wait to get on the ride!
On the train with Uncle Stacy, Aunt Sasha, Grandpa, Ella, Tori and Zach!
Tori, Ella and Zach!

While in Arizona we all went to this fun Train Park in Scottsdale. Ella got to go on a real train, go on a carousel and eat some yummy ice cream! She could have stayed there all day playing on all of the fun things! Ryan wasn't able to come with us, he went to do more real estate school! What a trooper!

Ella- Bella

El- she's such a model, I asked her to just sit on the step, but of course she crosses her feet, hands on her lap and even tipped her head just right!

This is Ella with her cousin Tori! Tori will be 8 this summer. They love each other so much! Most of the trip they were off together playing littlest pet shop! I wanted to take more pictures of Ella, but she just wanted to have fun with her cousins!

Even more of Jack's big day

By this point it was beginning to be a long day for such a little guy, he needed a nap

Sissy with her baby brother

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