Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who is Jack's Favorite Team?

No Way.......

They haven't been playing so well the last few years.......

Hurry Batman the jokers loose!!

Love you Papa on the Farm!!!!!!!!
{p.s. thanks for some of the tee shirts Ash}

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just hanging out....

Lisa comes to town

At the last second Lisa was able to come to Arizona for a visit!
Poor Paige and Jake had to stay at home
{That's why it felt like Christmas to me!}
The little guys got along great!
They are going to good pal's just like Ella and Paige are!

It's funny to me...
That although Lisa and I live states away, we still have so much in common!
Lisa and I always end up buying the same things without the other person knowing
Just like these shirts for the boys
Neither of us knew that the other boy had the same exact shirt
We just like the same things {and finding a good deal!} and so it happens a lot
We were even talking about the trashy shows that we like to watch on TV
We watch all the same shows!
Even the ones we're too embarrassed to tell anyone else about!
There's nothing wrong with little boys being twiners
Just like Paige and Ella at the same ages!

{Ella at the photo shoot}
There are more pictures from the trip, but they are all on Lisa's camera
Which I didn't have a cord for and her computer isn't working
So there are many more fun things that we did
I just don't have the pictures
Such as-
Peter Piper Pizza
Went to a fun game night! Lisa kicked butt!
TONS of shopping!
Lisa helping me on my first day as a Sunbeams teacher
Lisa's first time to Culver's
Staying up late watching our {trashy} shows
Lisa cutting my hair, Ella's hair and HER OWN hair!
Watching movies in bed
Making yummy treats
EATING yummy treats
staying up late talking
It was so nice to have Lisa come with me to help at the photo shoot!
{Check out my photo blog}
The clients were actually Lisa's cousins!
They had scheduled this out with me weeks ago and Lisa just happened to be here for it!
The little men were very good
Did you know that you can pick the fruit off the trees at the temple?
They have grapefruit, oranges and lemons
They tasted so yummy!
As Lisa said, they are angel kissed good

Yes, he looks so sweet an Innocent.
I love those Jammie's
we call them his baby Jammie's, because I think that he looks like a tiny baby in them
He is my tiny baby

NOT so Innocent!

He loved sitting on all of Jack's little cars
But he never moves an inch
Kind of good though, because that means he's not running over my toes in the kitchen like Jack!

The last day these guys were here we went {First} to Dave and Busters to play some games
{Ryan had a gift card from work!}
The kids always have fun playing at places like this

Lisa liked my new jeans so much she went and got some for herself too!
OK, so maybe we like to be twiners sometimes too! LOL!

You ROCK it Lisa!
She kicked my BUTT at Guitar hero
Big time
I really suck

Then we went out to eat
{Ryan had yet another gift card from work!}
The little boys in twiner sweaters again

She has officially decided that she wants to go by Ellie now
NOT Ella

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of the kiddies!
My sweet children. They love each other so much

THIS guy was a saint the whole week!
He watched the kids so that Lisa and I could go to the game night
Even Preston!
He put up with not having dinner for him every night
He did anything I asked
He watched Julie and Julia with us
He was so nice when I TOTALLY ignored him the whole week
Then he even drove an hour to bring us Lisa's make up that was left at home
Let's just say, I'm doing my best to make it up to him!

Me and Lisa

Before we knew it, it was time for them to go home
Lisa, I'm SO glad that you were able to come and visit me!
I had so much fun!
You always give me the charge that I need
Thanks for being my best friend
I miss you everyday
Until next time...............

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just another week gone by

Nothing much happening this week
More working on the house of course
This weekend looks like it might turn out to be a little more exciting
{More to come later!}
Jack still LOVES driving his Quad!
Last week I woke up at 2:30 in the morning to the strangest sound, I sat up really freaked out
It was just Jack, woke up for a little ride on the quad
The particular morning these pictures were taken, we were getting ready to take Ella to school
She's growing up so much!
Just standing there giggling at Jack, sipping her hot cocoa
We got her grades this week
Ella's rockin the first grade!
We are so proud of our little lady!
I think that these faces really make up who Jack really is
Always rough and tough and full of energy
As Ryan says as Jack is giving him a HUGE bear hug
"Why does your love always have to hurt?"
He can be a sweet little guy too

So enough random stuff from this last week
To me, it feels like Christmas Eve!!!
You'll see!

Family Night

The other night for family night we decided the weather was just too nice {a blissful 68 degrees} we had to go to the park!
We brought along the kids scooter and Quad
Ella's getting so good on her scooter and so fast!
Jack enjoyed eating cookies
Ryan and I did a cross word puzzle
It was wonderful to just lay outside

Had to play a little soccer!
{I hate how the grass is so nasty brown all winter}

Then off to the pond to feel the ducks

As I was busy fiddling with my camera I suddenly heard a huge SPLASH!
I didn't have to look up to know what had happened
Ella fell in the pond
That poor child
We had to go right home and change her clothes
It was getting pretty dark anyways
then it was off to Olive Garden for dinner!
Thanks Mom and Dad!
A perfect family home evening!

Ryan's Birthday

Silly Ella

I didn't take many pictures of Ryan's birthday
It was pretty low key
We had the Shumways and Riggs over
Ryan wanted to have ribs, he and the guys grilled up some finger licking good ones

Ryguy is 29 years old!
Thanks for coming over guys! Always a good time!
Happy Birthday RYAN!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan

29 Reason's why I love Ryan
1. He's still just a big kid
2. He always holds my hand when he's driving in the car
3. We can look at each other from across the room and know what the other person is thinking
4. He is forgiving
5. He always goes shopping with me, even when I know he would rather be doing something else
6. He has a strong testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ
7. He loves to drink milk
8. He's my best friend
9. He will always order what I like at a restaurant, so if I don't like what I got he will trade
10. He still makes my heart skip a beat
11. He wants to be someone important, especially to his children
12. He's always the life of that party
13. He never hangs up the phone before saying he loves me, even if we only talk for a second
14. He makes me feel safe
15. He's so sexy
16. He will change the chanel if the movie is to scary
17. He always puts me and the kids before himself
18. He loves to slow dance
19. He will always stand up for me
20. He is passionate
21. He is SO Smart
22. He is a great driver, I never worry when he's behind the wheel
23. He is the one of the hardest working guys I know
24. He will call me several times a day, just to check in
25. He loves his family more then anything else in the world
26. He sings to me, everyday
27. He wants me to have everything I've ever wanted
28. He can fix anything- cars, jewelry, any home project
29. I'm still excited when he comes home from work
Happy Birthday Ryan
I'm so glad that 29 years ago today you were born
{we are almost in our.... 30's!}
I love you more and more everyday

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a mother of a toddler

It's nothing new to know that Jack's a naughty little boy
However, as he IS now 2 we have implemented
It's working well
{Knock on wood!}
He's been very good about staying where we put him, with his nose in the corner until we tell him he can come out. Which isn't very long. Maybe 15 seconds. It's just to hard to be mean
I think it's so sweet, the picture of his little chubby cheeks pressed to the wall, straining his eye's to see what I'm doing
Grandma made me take the pictures, I promise
She thinks it too hard to be mean too and it's too funny
So far he's being a much better little man mostly only having to use time out as a threat
He's started to not want to take NAPS this week!
He needs one, but doesn't want one
It's a problem
Although he is in bed, HIS bed
and it's only 8:30
I think that's a record for him
Maybe it isn't a bad idea
No, it is, I need his to nap too
that's when I do my work that can't be done while he's around
Like ironing and mopping
Some "lost" pictures over the holidays
The kids love watching movies in Grandma and Grandpa's movie room!
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