Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shawn and Traci

Yesterday I had the chance to see Shawn and Traci get married in the Bountiful Temple! Ella was happy to wait outside with all of other Stanley kids. Kelly loved Ella! Later Ryan came too. They are such a cute couple, we are so happy for them!

Ella at the Bountiful Temple

Going home......

After our fun filled week in Vegas we had to head home.... On our way we stopped and got some ice cream, but Ella's broke right in half! She had to eat it with a spoon after that!

More of Vegas!

Elliott and Ashlee came with us the the King show. Gavin thought that it was pretty fun, especially when he spilled a whole cup of soup all over his Dad! One night we walked down to the bellagio to show Ella the water show they have out front! She thought it was a big pool and wanted to go and play in the sprinklers. Silly girl! We walked so much that every night we all fell asleep the second our heads hit the pillows!

Tournament of the Kings!

While in Vegas we took Ella to see a show at the excalibur! The Tournament of the Kings! It's a show about knights and horses! The dinner was like old times, we didn't get any silverwear! Ella loved having a big mug, cheering for the kings and watch the beautiful ladies dance!


Elliott and Ashlee have a pool in their neighborhood that we got to go to a couple of times! It was so much fun! Ryan taught Ella to hold her breath and swim under water! She is crazy and loves to do her firecracker jump into the pool- with her arms and legs sticking straight out! Good thing Daddy was always there to catch her!

Las Vegas!

Ryan, Ella and I went on a trip to Vegas! We had so much fun. We walked up and down the strip and ate lunch at the cheese cake factory! We got to see a free movie and get a free lunch because of Ashlee's great friends!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures!

Here are the pictures of our ultrasound when I was 17 weeks! You can really tell he's a boy! We were so glad that he was so big and healthy! We can't wait to have him here with us!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ella's First Day of Preschool!

Ella was hardly awake when she started screaming- It's my school day! She ate her breakfast so fast! She had a great first day! She made a crown and was queen for the day, made a self portrait, and had a show and tell where she took her favorite toy- a nutcracker. She has already made so many friends and loves her teacher- Miss Missy! We hope that Ella will have a great year of fun and learning!

Ella's big shopping day!

Ella wanted to get a littlest pet shop toy so bad- so Ryan said that she could do some extra chores to earn some money. She helped with the laundry, took out the trash, cleaned the playroom all by herself and helped unload groceries! So- Ryan and I took her to Target to get the toy she worked so hard for! She was so excited to take all of her money out of her purse and pay for her toy on her very own! She loved getting the receipt just as much as the toy! She's a big girl now and can have her own receipt!

Bailey Family Update

We have had a busy summer. We can't wait for things to settle down! The other day I couldn't find Ella anywhere- she was under the coffee table napping. I woke her up when the camera flashed. She's such a stinker! I'm looking and feeling so huge now! 24 weeks! Ryan loves playing his computer games, he gets so into it he's got to take his shirt of because he gets so hot and sweaty!
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