Friday, May 29, 2009

So what now?

So now we are at home. Summer break is in full swing. So far we've just been playing in the sprinklers and having Popsicles for lunch. We have a couple more fun trips planned this summer! I can't wait to see MY family!
I am looking for some clients for while we are out of town.
If you are in the
Milwaukee, Wisconsin area or the Salt Lake City, Utah
area and would like to set up a session for June or July e-mail me at
I'm sure that this is extremely dangerous. I don't know what to do with this kid! Any ideas?

Time to go Home

The second we got to Vegas Ella begged Ashlee to get this out for her. She remembered playing with is TWO years ago. Ashlee was nice enough to oblige.

After our fun shoot we went over and had a BBQ with Jeanie and her family! The kids had so much fun! I loved watching Chubba jump from the hot tub into the pool! Jack kept forgetting that he's still a baby and tried swimming away from me, more then once.
After that Elliott, Ashlee and I took the kids to see a movie in the park! They have it on a big screen for free! Jack just ate all of the snacks and ran all over! I think that Ella was the only one who actually watched Kong Foo Panda.

Ashlee and Gavin
Sunday was our last day there. We just went to church and hung out. It was fun to see Ashlee in action as primary president! She's so smart and creative!
Sarah thank you so much for coming to Vegas and convincing me to go too. We love and miss you and your boys and hope that we can do it again soon. {Only this time we want to see you EVERYDAY!}
Thank you Jeanie for having us at your lovely home! You're children are so talented and beautiful! Ella can't wait to go to the GIRL house again soon!
And thank you Elliott and Ashlee. I know that you guys are the Bailey hotel! You always have someone staying with you. Thank you for having us! Thank you for dealing with us and our craziness! Ash, thanks for ALL of your help! Seriously, thank you! We had such a great time!

Photo Shoot

While in Vegas Ashlee and I could not NOT have a shoot with each others children!
Ashlee was so kind to work with me and help me! She's been doing this a bit longer, ok a LOT longer then I have and knows SO SO SO much about photography! Seriously, thank you so much for you help Ash! I don't know what I would do without you!?
To check out some more pictures go to

Playing at the park

One of the evenings I watched the kiddos while Elliott and Ashlee went out on a date.
We ate dinner and went to the park. We were there forever! the kids didn't care when it got dark, they were having too much fun!

Gavin was SO cute! He kept bringing me rocks and lining them up along the cement.

Grady and his dirty face! I guess I'm not all that good of a babysitter. He loved just hanging with me on the grass and spinning the wheels on the waggon.

When I finally convinced them it was time to go back to the house they would only go when I told them they could all take a bath. It was a really fun night!

Outlets and Log Ride

One of the days we drove down to the outlets! Even in my BIG car all of the kids looked packed in like sardines. Poor Ella all the way in the back. {Although Elliott climbed back there more then once, or 10 times too. Thanks for being such a good sport and being such a good back seat buddy with Ella. She loved every second!}
Right next to the outlets there is a hotel with a couple rides in it. Ash suggested we take the kids. Ella LOVED it!!! She wasn't scared at all! Unfortunately it didn't help in her undying need to go to Disneyland for her birthday.
{It was so dark, it was hard to get a good shot. Sorry Ash!}
We had such a nice day! We found some rockin deals too!

The kid wont keep shoes on. Sound familiar Mom?

Staying with the Bailey's

After spending an evening and morning with Sarah, her boys and Jeanie's family my kids and I went over to stay with my brother and sister-in-law.
Of course, within the first couple hours we are there Jack HAS to do something naughty- like get into the kiddy pool with all of his clothes on! Ashlee took all of these adorable pictures of him! {Later he also cracked a night light that Gavin got at birth and ripped a thing off the wall.. along with some paint. SORRY GUYS! Oh boy, saying that nobody will want us to ever stay with them.}

Then we thought, oh well. We stripped him down. He LOVED the hose!

Thanks for taking these pictures Ashlee! Just more documentation of his naughtiness!
Our first day with them we went swimming! The water was perfect!
Sweet Grady! He's always so happy! I just love those chubby cheeks!

Ella worked so hard on her dive that day! Most ended it terrible face plants! I don't know how her belly wasn't all red when she was done from so many belly flops! We kept asking her if it hurt and she always said no. She never gave up! She even got me in there diving with her!
Sarah came and hung out with us that day. Mr. K wasn't there yet. She got FRIED! Heheheh. Sorry Sar, you did! But we still had a ton of fun!

The perfect way to spend a HOT summer day!

Viva Las Vegas Baby

Right after Ella's Kindergarten program we hopped in the car and headed out of town! My sister Sarah and her family were there staying with my cousin Jeanie and her family! {Jack loved riding on Chubba's Thomas!}
Miles {Chubba} He's adorable!

The two Bella's! They loved playing together! Once while Ella and I were out she asked "Mom, when can we go back to that girl house!?" She loved being with all those GIRLS!

The whole gang! Thank you Jeanie and Gary for having us! We had to much fun! I hope that we can come and see you guys again soon! {I'll be sure to bring my camera!}

The COUSINS. Jack was too tired. We sure have missed these guys! We love you Ethan and Matthew!!!!!!

Ethan 5~ Matthew 3

I was very happy to see how well these two guys got along! I wish that they could be together more often!
We were so sad to say goodbye to these boys. We only got to see them for a couple hours before they had to go and be with their Father!

Last day of Kindergarten

Ella's last day of Kindergarten and our last day with our carpool gals! These girl's couldn't be more different, however they are all such great friends! We already miss seeing them everyday! I just about cried as I dropped them all off, thinking- I will never do this again. SO sad!
Dylin, Faely, Katey, Ella and Ava
Everyone looked so nice!!!!

This picture was from Ella's FIRST day of school. She's grown up so much! I can't believe how much she had learned and changed in the last year!
Walking into the auditorium with her classThey all sang "your a grand ol' flag"! I was so sad, I didn't have the chance to video it! Ella was so cute though!

Ella's teacher Ms. Jacobson, Ella and Ella's principal Ms. Hughes

After the program we all went back to the classroom for treats and to say goodbye to everyone. Ella was so sad about leaving Ms. Jacobson! She had a couple rough weeks, all leading up to the day that she had to say good bye. Poor Ella. Jack and I got her flowers {Ryan wasn't able to be there} and she felt a little better. Flowers always make girls feel better.
It was a great year! I'm so glad that Kindergarten went so smoothly for Ella! Now- she's a FIRST grader. That's so weird! Next year she will be gone, the majority of that day. To be looked after and cared for by someone I don't know. I'm NOT looking forward to that day. I loved half day, I'm so scared for all day. My tiny baby GONE ALL DAY!?
We are so proud of our baby girl! She's learned so much! She's so smart!
I love what Ms. Jacobson wrote in a little letter she gave to Ella- I can't wait to see you on Broadway! Very fitting. She sure knows ELLA!

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