Saturday, May 2, 2009

Melissa's Birthday Party

We went to the park with Melissa and her family to celebrate her birthday! {loved that card- hey baby!}
The little guys were so sweet, they sat together while eating their pizza

The boys played some basketball {Ryan wasn't there yet, but DID play when he got there}
Look a that those super huge MAN LEGS on BRIAN!

Brian was so sweet and got Melissa some very nice gifts, including some balloons. He was worried about them flying away so he tied them to a bench at the park. An hour later we look over- the balloons are gone! Where did they go? We thought it would be forever a mystery. What can you do right!? UNTIL I am looking at some pictures that I took that day- WHAT DO I SEE!? JACK- he totally untied the balloons!!!!!!!!!!!
I am soooooo sorry you guys! Those were so cool, I seriously owe you 20 bucks!
We had a good time and we so glad that we were invited... even if it's the last things that we are EVER invited to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!
{What are the chances that I would have snapped the camera at exactly the right time!?}

1 comment:

Karla Lewis said...

Hey Rachel!
You could start another business now.
Become a detective!
That is soooo funny!

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