Saturday, May 16, 2009

Field Day

Ella, Dillin and Justin!
Ella only has three days left of school before summer vacation! Yippee! I can't wait! She's a little sad about leaving all of her friends and especially Ms. Jacobson!Today they had a field day! Ella was so excited! They had a dunk tank, two water slides, a rock wall and some popcorn and snow cones!
Of course, I took about a million pictures! You're only in kindergarten once!
One of the best parts is that RYAN got to be there too! At the last second he was able to go! {although he wasn't able to be there the entire time- it was something!}
Ella was most excited about getting a BLUE snow cone!

Our wonderful friends the Shumways watched Jack for us! I owe them BIG time!

Then back to class to practice for their BIG show on Wednesday!

A third grade class came in the help celebrate and everyone had to pair up. This sweet girl {Berlin} helped Ella and even colored and read with her!


It was a super fun day, even if it was SUPER HOT outside! I'm glad that I got to be there and help out! Kindergarten is almost over! I can't believe it!

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