Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jack's first day in Nursery

I'm going to try and start updating here... It's been a while. I've been busy, what can I say!?
Jack had his first day in nursery. Well, he's actually gone a couple times already. He's been so naughty, even just walking the halls {banging on doors, running away, yelling, things like that} that we have been spending almost every week in nursery for the past month. When I say we it's because I have always stayed in with him. He's been too young. Gotta follow the rules. But this last week they kicked me out. They said, hey, what's one week. So I did. I spent a glorious hour in relief society alone. I could actually hear the lesson. It was wonderful.
But of course the whole time I'm sitting there, I'm waiting to hear them bring him to me. You can always spot a mother with a little one in nursery, that door makes one little sound and we all turn to look. And with 5 minuets left the door opens- HE WAS ASLEEP! No kidding! They said that he had started crying, so a very nice Dad was holding him and he just crashed! Holy cow! Have you EVER heard of that happening? I haven't! They said that the other little kids were all trying to touch him while he lay sleeping on the floor so the decided to just bring him to me. {Maybe that Dad is just awesome at nursery?} So our first couple of Sunday's down and I have hope that he will stop crying... soon. We might also get a nap out of it too!
So here he is after his first day. Had to take a picture. He still looks way too little to be going to nursery. What a mess, that stinker!

Of course the second I get him cleaned up and changed, he's trying to get out of his clothes. This time his shirt was a little tough.. heheheheheheheheheeh!!!!!


Tiffany Robinson said...

He does keep you on your toes. There is always one...everyone keeps saying. I hope it's true and Adi is my ONE.

Melissa said...

I can't wait for nursery!

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