Monday, May 4, 2009

Date Night

This weekend Ryan and I went on a much needed date! We haven't been on a date in forever!
{I'm sure that I blogged about it, just can't remember it at this second}
Ryan's Mom was so kind to drive all the way down here to watch our kids for us- and Jack didn't even cry this time! Yeah big boy!
Ryan's such a dork and wanted to take his Mom's car. I think it's so silly! Really, really silly!
We went with our good friends Justin and Katrina Riggs!
First they took us to one of their favorite Chinese restaurants. It was super yummy! I ate every bite!

Then BOWLING! It's been over a year since we have been bowling!
{Me, being a total DORK!}
Ryan who's usually so good, kind of stunk! It was because he didn't have his own ball and shoes. We forgot them at home.
Katrina ROCKED! Holy Cow that girl can bowl!
The best part of her doing so well was the fact that it was driving Justin crazy! He hated that his WIFE was kicking his BUTT! Ryan and I were dying of laughter! It was so much fun to watch Ryan and I didn't even care about playing!
{that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!}

And the winner is????? KATRINA!!!!!
{I am the second R, yep, I beat Ryan too!}
After bowling we had to hit up Ocean blue! They had my blueberry back! My FAVORITE!
We had so much fun with you guys! We HAVE to go out again! You guys are awesome! Seriously, we had a total blast! Why aren't we hanging out like everyday???
When we got home not only had my mother in law done a fantastic job of watching the little ones, she had taken them to Wendy's and the grocery store too!!! Can you believe that!? Amazing! Thank you Sandy!


Katrina said...

You guys are so much fun! I am glad you didn't mention the 2nd bowling game. Ha ha! We felt like big shots driving in the Mercedes, it wasn't silly! Thanks for the great date!

Ashlee said...

How fun, I can't remember when Elliott and I went out either!! You have great friends!

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