Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This week Jack has been trying to outdo himself.... again.

This past week he has- in no particular order

. Swung a mop around in the air, hitting everyone and almost breaking a light and knocking over many things. {just like what Avorie did hehehehe!} He has done this everyday. Without fail.

. Somehow he came walking into the house with a HUGE knife! He looked as though he had found hidden treasure. And to him, I guess it was. He did NOT get cut, although he threw a massive fit when I took it away. Next time after we have a BBQ I guess that I'm going to have double check that Ryan put everything away. Sheesh. Husbands.

. He has woken up at around 5am for the past WEEK. He loves to help me wake up by pulling my hair and screaming "mama!!!!" I'm so tired. I should be in bed right now.

. Today as I was working on some editing.. {turned out super cute, check my OTHER blog} Jack was playing in the playroom, right next to me. I thought that he was just playing, when I turn to see him teetering on the edge of the wall, ready to fall over and down the stairs. It's only about an 8-10 foot drop. As Ryan would say- he could have walked that off. Yeah, maybe not. Mental note- take everything away for the wall that he could use to climb on. OK, make that take everything away. He's so resourceful.

. Jack loves to go places. Often, maybe even everyday he will bring me the key's and walk to the door and yell- GO, GO! He doesn't like being in his car seat but he loves walking around stores and seeing new things. The other evening he again got the key's and this particular time, my purse and walked to the front door demanding to GO. Ryan was at home and so he opened the door for him. He immediately walked over to Ryan's car, found the CORRECT key and tried unlocking the door. Yep, he's going to be one of those kids who drives down the street in my car when he's three years old. {Although this was not all that naughty, it WAS cute}

.Although there are many more naughty, naughty things that he's done this week. {These were just some of them at stood out in my mind at this exact second} By far the one that was the best, was when I was in the kitchen making breakfast. I was seriously thinking- it's going to be a good day! When Ella walks in- MOM Jack just pooped. OK Ella, I'll change him in a second. NO MOM, he pooped ALL OVER the CARPET. Are you kidding me!? Neither of my kids have been ones who would poop in the tub or anything like that, Jack hasn't ever really even peed on me. Even when he was a newborn. So this was coming as such a shock to me. However Ella was VERY right. He did.. poop.. all.. over.. the.. carpet. It took forever to clean up. I only gaged once. The best part was after telling my friend about what had happened, she just laughed. About an hour later she called me back- can I borrow your carpet cleaner? My little boy just pooped on the carpet too! Awesome.

. I just thought that I should start documenting all of Jack's adventures. I'm sure there will be many more to come... soon.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

Thank you thank you for that. Sometimes I just don't know what I will do with Adilyn. She is now entering the question phase. If I tell her we are going to walmart. Her reply is what is walmart? She has only been there 100 times. She is none stop talking and questioning and then naughtiness. OH I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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