Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Year anniversary

This week marks the one year anniversary of
moving to Arizona.
When looking through old posts I could not believe how much the kids have changed in the past year!
Jack was only 5 months old when we moved here. He was still such a tiny baby. Just learning to sit up. Now he's a VERY active {almost} 18 month old. He starts going to nursery in just a couple of weeks! {crossing my fingers that goes OK!}
Ella looked so small! She was just my baby girl. Her hair was so short! Now she's an {almost} 6 year old- first grader, who is so smart and independent! She's really grown up this past year. She's not my little baby anymore.
Ryan and I have changed a little too, we're defiantly older and I hope wiser.
Being in Arizona has brought many wonderful things into our lives-living close to FAMILY, different wildlife, a great winter, just being in a new and exciting place and making some fantastic FRIENDS! We have had our struggles here too, Ryan's job hasn't ever felt stable since we've been here. Also, It's ALREADY time for it to be HOT!? Bummer man. I hate that part of Arizona. {you know in Utah I wished that summer would last forever, oh boy, what I would give for a little COLD rain and hot cocoa!}
One thing hasn't changed- We still miss our wonderful friends in Utah. I feel like we've missed out on so much while being gone. They {you} have missed out on many things with us as well. We STILL love you guys and miss you terribly! We are going to try and make a trip to see all of you SOON!
For now we are very happy here in Arizona! We have several exciting things on the horizon! {stay tuned} We are very hopeful! This past year has, overall been a good one! We are excited to start our second year here!
To take a look through our first year- start HERE! {Then at the bottom click newer entries}


Melissa said...

yeah for year 2!!!!

Tiffany Robinson said...

So the verdict is in. You are staying in Arizona :( Ok I guess I need to come visit more then just once a year.

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