Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Pool

{My little lady looking absolutely beautiful!}
AFTER the field day we went to pick up Jack.. So the Shumways are all "hey, we found this awesome new pool that we are going to try out, you want to come?" I had some other plans but after being outside all day for the field day I really needed to cool off. Now I have to say-my sweet sister-in-law Sasha HAD told me about this pool about a million times! She told me that the kids would love it! But I couldn't even find it online! So really, I knew about this pool, I just didn't know where it was! Thanks Sash- you were SOOOO right! We loved it!
Oh goodness, time for a NEW, more FLATTERING swimming suit.


He just wanted to take off so BAD! He has no fear, NONE!

Ella and Grace, best buds! They had a great time today!
Ok, yikes. Joseph and Lauren took these pictures of me. My big fat butt couldn't get going down that slide. I kept getting stuck. SAD.
Ella just zipped on down! She went on the slide several times! She LOVED it!
WE ALL had a great day today! Thanks guys for having us tag along! We are going to have to go more often!

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Jackson Family said...

That looks like a fun pool! I can't wait to take Kaylee swimming again! She loves it too. We havent tried a life vest yet but hopefully she will like that too!

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