Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Drive Into the Mountains

One afternoon we decided to take the kids on a drive up American Fork canyon to see all of the pretty leaves. We drove with the windows down to let the cool air and fresh smells in.

We drove really high up and had to get out to really take in the view.
We drove a little farther down the canyon to a path where we could go for a walk and explore.

Ryan, Jack and Ella all climbed up this huge rock. (Not that you can tell from this picture) Lilly cried and cried, she wanted to go too. Ryan came back down and got her.

Ryan and the older kids decided to walk up this steep side of the mountain, Lilly and I stayed behind and ate out lunch.
I LOVE these pictures of her eating. She's getting better and better and eating real food, without chocking. 
It was getting a little too intense for Jack so he came back down to hang out with me.

Not sure what he's doing in this one....
He told me he was so strong her could move this huge log. Which he did.
Ella is fearless!! She was jumping from rock to rock, climbing a huge incline and attempting to rock climb.
As we walked down the path Lilly was almost always lagging behind. Picking up leaves and twigs. 

The kids went down to check out the river.
Of course Ella was fearless once again.
Big brother to the rescue when you're too far behind.
It was such a nice day!

Gateway Children's Museum

One of my friends from Arizona Kristy moved up to Utah, just a few miles away!
One afternoon we took the kids up to Salt Lake to the children's museum.
Lilly loved all of the tubes to put balls into

Jack loved the little playhouse with the kid sized furniture. He said he wants this couch for his room.

All of the kids loved playing with the car. Will was nice to fill it up for Jack. (I never did get a picture of Olivia!) 

But by far Jack's favorite section was the grocery store. He loved doing the shopping and checking out. He also loved being the cashier.
As I took those pictures of Jack I turn around to find Lilly had run off!
Back at the play car again, her favorite!
Of course Ella wanted to ride side saddle, like a real lady would do.

Ella's favorite was the new's station!!
She told me she might have found her life's calling.
Jack did not. He would rather be a grocer. 

After a very long wait the kids got to sit in the helicopter. 

Jack made me some very cute cartoon strips.
The kids (along with some other random children) put on a little play for us parents.
One little girl volunteered herself to be the writer, actor and director. But she was so hilarious it worked out pretty well. I should have caught her name, in case she ever really becomes famous! She put on quite the show!
Jack, trying so hard not to let the embarrassment stop himself from getting in on the action.
It was such a fun day, I'm so glad we went! Kristy and I need to get together more often!

Neighbor Friends

After Ella started school again Jack became rather bored, even with pre-school three times a week and Lilly to entertain him.
We became very close with the two youngest children of the family across the street.
Seth and Camille.
For weeks now I feel like I've adopted two more children!! But mostly in a good way. If you're here to help make the mess you can help clean it up. They have helped Jack around the house so much that now they know how to unload the dishwasher and where all of the toys go.
They are sweet kids and I really like having them around... most days.
Although I love our little rental house, I don't really like the neighborhood surrounding our little circle. We have thought about moving, especially closer to Ella's school. Where Jack will attend next fall as well. But then I see how much fun Jack has (and Ella with their older sister Avery!) that I'm not sure I'll have the heart to move away from these guys!
Seth is truly Jack's best friend. 
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