Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grown Up Lilly

In the days leading up to her birthday Lilly started doing some new tricks, like going down the stairs all by herself. She had tried before, but twice she ended up falling down and getting a bonk on her head. 
I love that she holds onto the rail for support. I also love the bed head.
Lilly LOVES the bath! She couldn't wait to get in!

Other milestones-
The day before her birthday she folded her arms for family prayer on her own for the first time.
She REALLY started walking that day too!
Lilly started putting things in the toilet, one of which was my phone.
Lilly's 12 month stats- Weight 16 pounds 10oz (7%) Length 29 inches (39%) 
Still itty bitty, but still as healthy as can be!"

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