Saturday, September 29, 2012

My 30th Birthday

The dreaded day had to come eventually. 
I felt like I had already celebrated a month before since Ryan and I had gone away for my birthday in August. My day started being awoken by... someone in my bedroom at six in the morning! It totally scared me!! It was Tiffany!! She and Lisa had come to pick me up and take me out to breakfast and for a massage! I threw on some clothes and we left. Too bad there weren't appointments available for us to get our massages, but we still went out and had a big breakfast of french toast!
When I got home the kids made me these cards with notes wishing me a happy birthday.
(I guess that with being 30 now, I give up on make up!)
Jack presented me with the cards on a tray with candy, cookies... and some of our large utensils.
He said he was trying to make it fancy.... 
Later that night I went out of all of my best lady friends to get something to eat.
Then back to my house for some treats and pumpkin pie of course!!
I think it's funny that I happened to be holding Lilly while I blow out my candles again this year. Last year she was only two days old!
Of course Ryan loves being around so many women and is our comedy for the night. Well, until we start talking about having babies and pregnancy, he doesn't want to hear anything about that! You can almost see Angela's baby bump in this shot!

Thank you to all of my lovely friends who came to celebrate with me and for such wonderful gifts.
(I love that Tiffany is wearing my sweatshirt, she's always cold!)
The day before my birthday actually ended up being harder then my actual birthday. Sitting, thinking the minutes were ticking by and soon I would be out of my twenty's. Thinking about how much time has passed. Have I accomplished all that I wanted to while in my twenty's? Is time speeding up!? How did this happen!? I will never say I'm twenty-something again. 
It just so happened that my Mom called me right then. Sensing that I might be feeling this way. She gave me some wonderful advice and things to think about. 
After thinking some more- I'm more mature and am taken more seriously by others.
I don't take crap or immaturity from other people anymore.
I feel secure in myself, who I am and what I want to do.
I'm secure in my relationships with others. I have set and achieved so many of my goals.
I'm living my life right and know where I'm going.
Basically, I've grown up a lot and I wouldn't trade the wisdom I have now to be twenty again.
I'm ok with being 30. 
Plus, 30 is the new 20... right!?


Tiffany Robinson said...

I am more worried about being 40!! You forgot about our early morning wake up present!

Rachel Bailey said...

YES! Sheesh, it's because we didn't take any pictures!

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