Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ella's First Day of School/ Dino Museum/ Almost a Soccer game

Finally it was the first day of school!
Ella had everything laid out and ready. She knew how she wanted her hair and couldn't wait to wear her new tennis shoes!
Ella who had been feeling rather nervous in the weeks leading up to the new year starting, felt totally fine by morning. 
Ella just wanted to get to school and didn't want to pose for any pictures.
4th grade here comes Ella!
How on earth do I have a fourth grader!?
When shopping alone with Lilly and people ask me if she's my only child and I respond that I also have a nine year old and four year old and they are totally shocked- is the only way I can cope. I hope I don't look old enough to have a 9 year old!! Although I hope nobody would think I was 16 either! (I was almost 21) Either way, it's so weird to me!
Jack was very sad that although he was all signed up for pre-kindergarten it didn't start for a couple more weeks. He still wanted to get up and got dressed in school clothes and packed up his backpack. Including his lunch.
They were waving to their friends who were also leaving for their first day- Ella doesn't go to the same school as the other kids from our neighborhood. Although inconvenient, it's totally worth it to us!
Of course the only pictures she really wanted to take were her jumping for joy!
Soon two out of the three will be in school! What would I have done if I hadn't had Lilly!?
All ready to go!
We got to the school and at first Ella just wanted me to drop her off, but soon second guessed her decision and wanted me to wait with her until it was time to go into her classroom.
Jack and Lilly hung out in the car with Dad.

She loved meeting up with all of her old friends and catch up on what everyone did over the summer. Although Ella was SO sad she didn't get to have her best buddy Mason in her class again this year, there were many other kids she knew from second and third grade who were in her class this year.
While Ella was off at school my friend Jenna and I thought we would try and go to the dinosaur museum, since it was the first day of school and we thought it would be less busy. Which it was, a little.
When I dropped Ella off at school I promised her THREE surprises when she got out, the first and most exciting was that Maisy was going to be with us!
Maisy got to tag along with us to the museum first.
Lilly's outfit was Ella's first birthday dress and hat!
Riley was also at school, but Jack and Izzy had fun running around and playing in the sand.

The little ladies hung out in their strollers and ate snacks.
Jack- Pulling a "Shumway"

We were all so excited to pick up Ella and see how she liked her first day of fourth grade.
She had no idea Maisy was with us!

Those sweet cousin's are so cute together! Ella was very much happily surprised! I love Maisy's hand up as if saying "So, tell me everything!"
Ella said her first day could not have gone better! She decided that she loved her teacher and the way she runs the class. Although her teacher can be a little tough she is just as warm and loving. Giving Ella lots of hugs and reassurance. I have been so impressed with Ella's school and all of her teachers! The teacher she had for second grade won teacher of the year for the whole state this year! I couldn't be happier with where or how Ella is getting her education and can't wait for Jack to go next year!

Of course since I bought the kids each a little toy when we went to the aquarium it's just expected to get a little something every time we go to a museum! Jack picked out this little glider and spent all afternoon playing with it. He was dying laughing when it got stuck in the blinds.
He wanted me to take a picture of him feeding his glider some of his ice cream.
Neither Jack or Ella were at all fascinated by stuffed animals. I didn't know if it was just my disdain for them, or if it was just the children's own tendency's. Lilly is so different then the other two when it comes to so many things, but most especially with stuffed friends. Lilly LOVES them! She can't be in a store without wanting to hug every stuffed animal she sees. 
She is officially totally weaned. Jack along with Lilly both wanted to have a Binky in the first couple of weeks. I guess another way of weaning. 
Every year Ella comes home to have some special treats on her first day of school
The kids love the yellow school bus sprinkles!

Surprise number two, Oreo cake! Her most favorite thing to eat in the whole world
Lastly- surprise number three- matching tee shirts with Maisy. So whenever they wear them they can think of each other.
It was sad to say goodbye to Maisy, but it was so much fun to be able to see her so much this summer
In the TWO seconds it took to take a couple of pictures of Ella and Maisy together- this is what Lilly decided to do. She is SO NAUGHTY! Jack was very mischievous when he was little, Lilly is taking after her big brother!

Travis, Justin and Ryan
After such a long and crazy day I was so excited to go out and have some adult time.
Ryan and I went with some of our best friends to watch a REAL game. However they were all sold out! (Something we thought for sure wouldn't happen!)
We weren't going to waste the time away so we all went out to dinner and cheesecake!

Silly boys!

Ryan and I always search out and pray so hard for those places where we are supposed to live, that we might be lead to amazing friends for our children and also ourselves. We felt very strongly that we needed to live in THIS house the moment we saw it. I can honestly say that we have found life long friends in these two couples! We love you guys! We can't wait to go out with you guys again, SOON!
Congrat's to Angela who announced she was pregnant that night! Crossing my fingers for a little girl!

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Cute post! Can't believe I just saw this one! Gotta steal those pics of us out on the town! Cool.

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