Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ella's Back to School Night

Every year Ella gets so nervous about who her new teacher is going to be. Since first grade was such a disaster. Upon first impression Mrs. Lawler seemed somewhat strict and scary, but soon we discovered she is wonderful and Ella loves being in her class!!
Of course we had to go and visit Ella's 4th grade teacher, since we love her so much!!
Her daughter Maddy and Lilly are only a few weeks apart. They loved sharing some treats together.

Ella's new school tee shirt!!
That evening as we were driving home trying to decide what to cook for dinner Ella suggested that we go out to eat at the china buffet. It feels like we NEVER go out to eat! Only when family or friends are in town, so that made it a very special treat!

Ryan dared both kids to eat these little octopus, which they did! I couldn't believe!! They are way more brave then I am. Seriously gross!!
Lilly was being SO FUNNY! She was so happy being there and trying all of the new foods. She would not stop laughing, other then when playing peek-a-boo!
My wild girl!
Tomorrow school starts!!
It's always so sad to me, summer is over. Ella has to go back to school. Next year it will be Jack too. Good thing I'll have Lilly home with me still or I might go crazy!
The only good thing about the school year starting is it forces us to get on a good schedule and to bed on time!

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