Tuesday, September 4, 2012

July-4 Sunday

On Sunday after church we all headed out to the lake. Since that's what we do most Sunday's anyways.
This time there were tons of other people at "our" beach so we didn't stay too long.
The kids all went out.. way, way too far!

I had to run out there and save little Kylie!
Zach and Tori had a mud flight.
I'm sure that Ryan was pointing out something really important.....
The little babies were getting too hot so we went home.
We played some games and ate dinner.

Then for dessert we roasted marshmallows! Of course Sami and Tyler were there too!

Ever since Sami babysat while some of us went to dinner and a movie, Kylie had a new best friend!

Jack was so excited that I had bought the BIG marshmallows!! 
Ella was disappointed she burnt hers.

Everyone smelled like campfire and it was getting late. We needed to get some good sleep before the big day up in Salt Lake the next day!

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