Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jacob Moves In (and Jeff and Natalie come to visit)

One day while I was at the grocery store my Mom called, as she often does. We got to talking about my little brother Jacob. He had graduated from high school in the spring and was working. However, he seemed like he needed a change of life. Something different. I offhandedly said he should move to Utah! Not very much grocery shopping got done, in fact I don't think I walked out with more then three things! But after a long conversation with my Mom, Jacob and Ryan- Jacob was moving to Utah! He bought a ticket and just a  day later he flew in! The kids were so excited to see him!
It was super lucky that at that same time our family friends (I have known these kids my/their entire lives) Jeff and Natalie Whittaker were in town and staying with me for a couple of days too.
After picking Jacob up at the airport we all went over to the new mall in down town Salt Lake.
I wasn't planning on posting any of these pictures, the boys asked that I take them, but they were just too funny not to share.

Jack wanted to get in on the action too!
Although Jack looks like he's embarrassed, he was loving hanging with the big boys.

Yep, there are REAL fish in the creek Jacob...

It was about this point that the mall security guard came over........

These boys are actually really good boys, who don't get into trouble.
Jacob came to Utah but then went on some fun trips with friends and cousins. 
When he finally made it back he got settled and got a job.
Us girl's watching for the sidelines. Lilly loved Nat!
Welcome to Utah Jacob!

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