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July-3 Ella's Race/ Parade/ Carnival

When Ella found out that there was going to be an American Fork kid half mile marathon for Steel days, she knew she wanted to try it out! A few weeks before at the Lehi parade she had seen some runners in a 5K and thought that would be fun to run in a race. A half mile kid race seemed a little better for her first time.
In the days before the race she practiced a few times running around our neighborhood.
Ryan the kids and I all woke up early to go and support her. She was pumped up and ready to go!
There were a lot of kids!! There were a lot of bigger and much older kids. We told her that the point wasn't to win but that as long as she finished that we would be so proud of her.She didn't want to let us or herself down. She wanted to win for her age group- 9 and 10 year old girls.

And she was off!!!!!!! At the start of the race she was right in the middle of the pack.
After what felt like forever we started to see some kids turning the corner, almost to the finish line. 
Ryan and I looked, thinking that there was no way she would be in the front.
There were only TWO 12 year old BOYS in front of her!! 
Ryan and I just laughed and cheered her on! We couldn't believe that Ella was not only winning third place in the whole race, FIRST place in her age group and the FIRST girl to cross the finish line!!
So tired!!!
We were/are SO PROUD OF ELLA!!!
She was amazing!!!! We couldn't believe she did it! She decided on a goal, worked for it and earned it!
She was beaming with pride the rest of the day, (after she was able to catch her breath!) so were Ryan and I! I wished I got a picture of her with her gold medal! 
We learned some good lessons though for next time!
Maybe have Ryan run with her, (didn't know parents could do that) Better tennis shoes and STAY IN LINE  after the finish!!
Just thinking back on that day makes me smile!
Right after Ella's race we met up with Ryan's sister and the Riggs for the American Fork parade.
Yes, we go to a million parades every year. They are fun!!
Ryan scoped out the most perfect spot ever.. if only it had had shade though...
The kids loved getting some cotton candy!
The Dad's taking care of the babies. Justin stood in the shade so Kendall wouldn't get to hot.
(You can see him behind Ryan!)
Katrina bought these hats for the kids!!! Jack has always wanted one!!
Thanks Katrina!!!
Don't they look awesome!!!!! Ha!
Some of Jack's most favorite things in the parade.
Ella and Tori
Gunnar and Dakota 
Kylie loved the parade and was so excited to get CANDY!
Jack too was thrilled! He knew just what to do!
They got so much candy! Tori and Jack got tee shirts and Ella and Dakota got some of the adults some Pepsi's. It was a fun parade, I'm glad we went.
But the fun wasn't over yet!
After a quick clothes change for Ella and she and Jack were ready to go on all of the carnival rides!
First one- the dragon roller coaster, always a favorite!
Dakota and Gunnar were brave enough to go on the front row!
Katrina and Dakota are CRAZY!!! They love all of the really scary rides!!
She said she couldn't even hold her head up! You guys are NUTS! 
And now totally fine! I would have been throwing up!
Zach too went on all of the big scary rides. Although he looked a little like he was getting sick!!
Jack and Kylie!

Tori convinced Ella to go on the big ferris wheel. Something Ella doesn't really like. She is VERY scared of heights! (Remember the Disneyland ferris wheel!?)

After a few turns around she was fine and actually really enjoyed it!
Maybe it was because she wasn't with her Dad who would have been shaking the seat and freaking her out!?
I totally missed Katrina going on this ride while I was with Ella and Tori, dang it!!
But I caught Zach and Dakota on it!! Wild boys!

The slides are always fun!
After running around taking pictures of everyone else, I thought I better find Ryan, Jack and Lilly... when I hear someone yelling- it was Jack on a little dragon ride!

My sweet boy!! Such simple things, bring so much joy and happiness!
Zach again going on some crazy ride!! I thought for sure that his saddles were going to fall off!
Sweet Lilly just sat in her stroller, taking it all in!

Poor Kylie got stuck in the crazy house and didn't want to slide down. Good thing big brother Koda came to help her! I think Ella's funny, taking the ride very seriously!
Last ride of the day!
I guess Jack was done! We were all done with the carnival, us Adults had more fun things planned!

Yep, EVERY-TIME the Riggs come to town we have to go to Tucanos! Since it's both boy's favorite.
Katrina and I along with Sasha and Zach went along too.
After dinner we went and saw the new Batman movie. The parts I saw were good. I spent more then half the movie in the hall stinker!! I thought Lilly would go to sleep, but she didn't.
Thanks for babysitting... yet again... SAMI!!!!!

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